Halo 3 January Matchmaking Update is Up

Hooray! Testing is finally done and over with, and if you haven't already noticed, the January Matchmaking Update has been applied.

If you missed the Weekly Update where Bungie described the changes for you, here they are again.

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Capt CHAOS3612d ago

I feel like getting online, but then he is like a lvl 45 ninja..

Capt CHAOS3612d ago

Just don't play enough. Still, by the time the add-on come along, I should be doing alot better, It's an amazing online game and very tactical. But TF2 is currently keeping me away from it!

AAACE53612d ago

Every now and then, I let my sons play Halo 3 online under my name. They play halo 3 alot more than I do, so they get all kinds of friend request and stuff. I have to reply and tell people that it wasn't me and I don't play H 3 that much.

I never thought i'd see the day my boys would be better at a game than me...

anubis123612d ago

halo3 sells 10 million world wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JokesOnYou3611d ago

they always continue supporting their game with updates and tweaks to improve every little aspect. I wish I had more time to play Halo3, its been like 2 months since I played because I work alot and when I do have time I'm just trying to play catch-up and finish some of the recent games I purchased.


RebornSpy3611d ago

They are constantly changing the multiplayer experience, often listening closely to the feedback from the community. You rarely see a game company that is so close to its fans.

ambientFLIER3611d ago

THIS is how you support your game. Are you listening IW? Assholes.

SixZeroFour3611d ago

lmao...what DID happen to those new gametypes that they were supposed to put in on COD4?

ambientFLIER3611d ago

They decided not to implement them, and to instead focus resources on the next title.

SuperSaiyan43611d ago

But HALO 3 is disgusting when compared to COD 4.

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