Winter needs to come to Wii

TVGB: "I don't think there's any argument against the need and desire for darker, more mature games on Wii. Unfortunately, publishers just don't want to roll the dice and take a chance on pushing dark and scary content to the happy, white box of familial joy."

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Mahr3612d ago

Two years ago? So it was essentially way ahead of the curve of the likes of Fatal Frame 4, Cursed Mountain, The Calling, and Lit? Wow, that's a real bummer.

Maxned3611d ago

I watched the trailer. Thers LOTR music (WTF?) and a really creepy girl monster thing. It looks like Resident Evil but freekier and a bit more Japanese.

PS360WII3611d ago

Geez that is a shame as it does look pretty cool.

sinncross3611d ago

You know if this ain't coming to the Wii they should consider using the PSN.

I know Nintendo fans would disagree but I'm looking at a perceptive of games in general. There is no need for a potentially interesting title like this to remain in the hollows of never being released.

The PSN is a viable service for a title like this. It would also allow the developers to get some capital back instead of having their money and time wasted.

TheROsingleB3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

This game instantly reminded me of Silent Hill 2, which is a good thing! The Wii definatly needs a game like this to bring people like myself, who own a wii, but it has been on the shelf collecting dust since Twilight Princess was finished, back into using the damn thing.
A Publisher needs to pick this up since it could only do them good from what I can tell. And also, Geist was definatly an under-rated game on the GameCube, it didn't get enough love.

bigjclassic3611d ago

this game look sick and any console would love to have it.

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