PS3 Firmware Update v2.60 Released - Trophy Sync Bug Fixed

Console Monster reports that The Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware v2.60 update rolled out to the masses today. Sadly no major enhancements or improvements to make note of, unless you suffered from the dreaded Trophy bug that stopped you form playing particular games such as Wipeout HD and LittleBigPlanetm as well as Syncing Trophies, an Issue that I personally had and I am glad to report is now fixed with the 2.60 update!

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Helghast Slayer3616d ago

Thank goodness. I really wasn't gonna start Wipeout HD all over again. Cheers Sony.

duarteq3616d ago

never had a problem with trophies

kharma453616d ago

Same here. I never had a problem syncing my trophies.

vitz33616d ago

"Sadly no major enhancements or improvements to make note of..."


Are they fu**in' blind or stupid? Pick one.

FarEastOrient3616d ago

I've never had a trophy syncing problem, is this an American or European problem?

MaximusPrime3616d ago

im in Europe, i havent had any problems. Never since i bought PS3 back in March 07

sajj3163616d ago

Haven't checked yet but will this fix address the bug where your trophies aren't displayed after synchronizing to a newly upgraded hard drive. I got a 320 GB sucker in there now and everything is in tct except trophies. The only way to get them back is to pop in your games one by one until you've synched them all.

Arsenal4Ever3616d ago

Haven't had any problems.

LorD3616d ago

I wonder when they'll fix the bug that affects most PS3s...

where you pop in a ps2 game disc and it won't play it.


pwnsause3616d ago

thats not a bug, that was done on purpose.

BrianC62343616d ago

I don't have that bug. I can play almost any PS2 game. If you didn't want that bug you should have bought a PS3 earlier.

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The story is too old to be commented.