The Darkness images

2K Games had updated the official site of The Darkness, and put online 20 images of the game.

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shadowxcore4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

that game honestly doesnt look all that great graphics wise so far. it could be ALOT better..some of the textures have no depth whatsoever..and the origins of the guns kill it for me.. not to mention all the clipping.

hopefully they improve

techie4315d ago

Really? I must have really low expectations about graphics...because just look at the walls! And the guns...the texture detail looks amazing...

shadowxcore4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

maybe...dont get me looks good..i just think it could be better.. look at these pictures...

- look at where the guns come in contact with the hands...and that persons hands with the knife look a little blocky to me.

techie4314d ago

Yes true...strange. I was looking for texture details in the background though and if you look down the corridor in the first picture the wall looks great lol. Though hyeah his hand and clothes look blocky...I expect them to optimisie this now they've done all the tedious work.

timmyp534314d ago

i love roaming subways seriously i do .. its just fun. lol.

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