GameCube releases for Wii to retail at full price

GI.Biz writes: "Nintendo's GameCube remakes for the Wii will sell at the same price as a normal Wii release, according to retailers.

The first two games in the New Play Control! brand are Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis, and have a recommended retail price of GBP 39.99, although online retailers are already slashing prices. Nintendo claims the titles have a RRP of GBP 29.99.

The titles will have reworked control support for the unique Wiimote, as well as a few other updated features."

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ape0073617d ago

I want amazing control,full online play and a bit enhanced graphics(mt is already looking good on cube)

I just love mt so much

and nintendo please I want good remakes of

1-star wars:rogh squadron 2
2- eternal darkness
3-mario kart:double dash

but hell,should be half price

dredgewalker3616d ago

It would have been better to allow emulation of the gamecube on the wii.

Heldrasil3616d ago

Doesn't it already? You can stick a gamecube disc in and it works....

bakagaijin783616d ago

You can play GC games on the Wii already. Just buy the original GC game for cheap, plug in a GC controller and you're laughing.

The sad thing is that people will still buy up these games at full retail instead.

dredgewalker3616d ago

Thanks for the correction. I never owned a wii but its good to know that the Gamecubes good game library wont be gone to waste.

ChickeyCantor3616d ago

Baka you do realise that loads of these people never played the game right? and most of them only know the wii-mote+nunchuck so far.

The price is a bit weird, but great for those who havnt played them yet.

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Darkseider3616d ago

Nintendo fails its' third party devs. They will re-release GC games on the Wii with some enhancements and people will gobble them up ignoring pretty much all third parties. Not like it's a bad thing for the big N but for those looking to sell their wares on the Wii it certainly doesn't help any.

littletad3616d ago

They will be gobbled up at full price though.

-GametimeUK-3616d ago

Thats funny cos the PS3's most wanted game (arguably) is a REMAKE! which people would "gobble up"


Voiceofreason3616d ago

Name 1 AAA quality 3rd party game for Wii? Now you know why most Wii owners pass on poor 3rd party games. Those that give the Wii a full function game with their full effort put into are seeing the rewards. GHWT and Rockband 2 are getting higher sales on Wii than on PS3 or 360. Shaun white snowboarding is also seeing better sales on Wii than on any other console.. I am jsut curious what quality games you think Wii owners are passing on.. Do you consider Petz to be AAA since it was once on PS2?Or maybe you think we should buy all the mini game fests?
Gotta love two faced haters. Quick to point out that Wii owners dont buy 3rd party but will also trash the Wii on another day for lack of quality 3rd party games.. All it comes down do is fanboys need a reason to bash it.

orakga3616d ago

LOL yeah seriously.
How many PS3 users would pay $60 for FF7 with SIXAXIS control?


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IQUITN4G3616d ago

Some people still havn't played these games so a full price is perfectly acceptable considering they have also been reworked

I'm very happy to play through some of these again because there will be a certain freshness anyhow thanks to new controls

Very much looking forward to Pikmin1,2, Chibi Robo, and MP1

If people don't wish to buy them, they don't have to

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