Microsoft tells some users no on Vista

After years of delays and billions in development and marketing efforts, it would seem that Microsoft Corp. would want anyone who possibly can to buy its new Windows Vista operating system. Yet Microsoft is making it hard for Mac owners and other potentially influential customers to adopt the software.

Microsoft says the blockade is necessary for security reasons. But that is disputed. The circumstances might simply reflect a business decision Microsoft doesn't want to explain.

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DJ4312d ago

"And even Rutkowska, who argued that her virtualization attack last year - which she called "Blue Pill" - proved a glaring weakness in the technology, said Microsoft's decision regarding Vista would make no difference. "I really don't see how Microsoft could use this mechanism to prevent Blue Pill from loading," she said. Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, said virtualization may indeed introduce new complexities and security challenges. "But they're not greater than the technical issues surrounding some of the other features (Microsoft) decided to include," he said. "I don't buy that virtualization is dangerous."

Cherry believes what's really going on is that Microsoft wanted to create more differences between the multiple editions of Vista, presumably giving people more reason to buy the most expensive versions.

But Microsoft's Woodgate insisted that this was not a marketing decision.

"We are absolutely working with our partners to resolve this security issue," he said."
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There's actually no technical explanation for the limitation; the only possible reasons would be Microsoft's refusal to accept liability in the case of more Blue Pill-style attacks, and/or they simply want people to spend more money on Vista.

BIadestarX4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Are people actually complaing about not being able to use vista. Last time I checked why would a MAC User want to use Vista? Isn't OSX a better OS? DJ, don't you think this limitations is great!? that way Mac users and linux users will not have 2nd thoughts about NOT using an OS like vista. Made by the devil.
Besides, didnt Apples' last commercial aimed at ridiculizing Vista? It seems that using vista on the mac may be the last thing apple would want their very empowered users to do.

eques judicii4312d ago

The problem stems from the fact that macintosh deliberately puts hardware measures within their computers that downgrade the performance of windows on mac computers. From people i've talked to who have put windows on a mac computer, there are many applications that don't run and the whole thing runs very slow. The problem stems from the lack of drivers and APIs that the mac hardware can support and then there is the fact that vista itself is demanding on the hardware and probably wouldn't share processor speed well with mac OS... anyhow...

Microsoft, like any reasonably good company, doesn't want people to run windows on a computer that will ruin the experience of the OS... its like eating an apple in a way (no pun intended) apples are delicious, but if the only taste you ever had was after brushing your teeth you'd think they were disgusting and might never eat it again... i hope that makes sense to people.. cause apples taste gross after brushing my teeth.

this is just my opinion on why they might not want someone to use windows on a mac... please let me know if you agree :-D