IGN: Ten Trends That Are Saving Videogames

The first feature generated some fiery debate; now we're here for the inevitable Hollywood-style sequel with Ten Trends That Are Saving Gaming. The premise is clear – these are ten trends or concepts, in no particular order, that are pushing the industry forward and keeping things interesting. If you cast your eyes over the list, you might see a few questionable inclusions. Hold tight and read on. Things like system-wars and the casual games market can, in fact, be completely healthy. Or so we say.

If the last feature could be seen as a guide on how not to make a game, perhaps this is best viewed on the things to look out for in games for 2009 and beyond. Maybe it's appropriate, then, that this is the bigger of the two articles. There's a lot to look forward to and a lot to love about the games industry – and this is just some of it.

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