IGN: F.E.A.R. 2: 5 Killer Reasons to Play

Yesterday IGN AU devoted itself to F.E.A.R. Warner Bros flew Dave Matthews, the Art Lead on the game, out to Sydney, and he took a group of gaming journos through several of the missions in the game on a cinema screen, before we were set loose on demo stations to play it ourselves. The short version? It's looking great – solid shooting and terrifying horror. There's been plenty of coverage of the game already on the site – and it's less than a month off too (hitting Aussie stores on Friday the 13th of February), so rather than hit you with a full preview, we figured we'd tell you the five reasons this will be a must-play title.

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Sasanova3587d ago

perfect example of a good rent. nothing more.

Cartesian3D3586d ago

FEAR 1 was really amazing for its time.. but this time FEAR2 must show sth more special to compete with other titles .
because we have many mega-hit titles in Q1 2009. and people have limited budget.