RAM-Shaped USB Flash Drive Reaches For The Next Level

In the hierarchy of memory types, RAM ranks higher (faster, closer to the processor) than hard drives, but lower than L2 cache. This Segon USB flash drive thinks it's better than itself.

It comes in 2GB and 4GB capacity for $12 and $20, and supports Windows Ready boost, as well as a lanyard for attaching to your keychain. Instantly bump yourself a few notches on the supernerd accessory meter with this baby.

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thehitman3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

It be soooooo coool to have Portable Ram memory just put in usb and WHAM ur laptop or pc runs more smooth.

Also is that real?? doubt it especially at that price lol....

hay3616d ago

Well, there's this Vista ReadyBoost thingy but I won't call it ram.

Nikkelz3616d ago

that ready boost is wayyyy overrated (in vista atleast) because you need to a)have home edition b)have something like a 2 gig flash drive and c)have only 1 gig of ram in their computer to get a 15% boost in start up that might sound like a backward a$s argument but when you factor in the fact that people who were duped into buying home edtion have either upgraded to home premium or ultimate or down graded back to xp.

neither home premium nor ultimate benefit from readyboost.
i am interested tho to find out if this feature is in windows 7 and if it would fulfill its promise(because its sounds very promising on paper).
the whole readyboost thing is corny in vista (dont know about windows 7,cuz i dont got it)however the device looks fly tho.

peace and game on

GiantEnemyLobster3616d ago

I have a Verbatim 2GB Store'n'Go USB flash drive, my laptop is running Vista home premium on only 1GB of ram, and Readyboost didn't make anything faster. All it did was make my CPU fan run on high, which got annoying as hell pretty fast.