Internet Explorer 8 Will Prove to be the Weakest Link in Windows 7.

Windows 7 looks like it just might be an acceptable operating system for PC users-Internet Explorer 8 looks half-baked. For all the justifiable excitement about 7t the upcoming release of Windows 7, IE8 looks like another dog from Microsoft. Will that dog continue to be leashed to its master, the operating system of Microsoft, or will the European Union force the dog to run free in the wild with the foxes, at least in the EU? According to many beta-testers of Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 seems to have multiple instances of not working correctly.

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Graphics Whore3586d ago

Give up the proprietary internet browser and have Windows 7 pre-installed with Mozilla Firefox. Please Microsoft, stop with IE X.

Gamekings3586d ago

I am very disappointed with windows 7 too

The BETA gave me BSOD after installing

The features are lame too

IE is dead

Fishy Fingers3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

BSOD is 99.9% of the time the users fault. Weak hardware, driver problems, playing around with things you shouldnt etc etc.

If you really did get BSOD generally id look at yourself/your PC before MS. I have had no issues what so ever with the Beta, performs fantastically and is incredibly stable for a beta build.

Gamekings3586d ago

I am using core 2 duo

X1900 XTX

all my HW are almost new so definitely it is SW related

Sircolby453585d ago

Just because it is new hardware doesn't mean it can't have a driver issue.(Which is not MS faults) If you want to point fingers at somebody point them at your hardware manufacturer for writing a crappy driver.

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Why dis3586d ago

Yeah yeah yeah something sucks about some MSFT product.

Blasphemy3586d ago

I hate IE 8 Beta. All it does is lock up, crash, and I am constantly getting script errors. What's bad is I can't seem to roll it back to IE 7 so I don't even use it. I just use Firefox.

Gamekings3586d ago

i havent been using IE for the last 2 years

i am using CHrome and Firefox .

IE is just dead

Altered_Soul3585d ago

Yeah, though I love Windows 7 (I actually regret installing it on such a small partition), I tried IE8 for two days, then downloaded and installed Firefox 3. No problems on my front now :).

IzKyD13313586d ago

Firefox 3 is THE best browser out right now, it has more features, open source add-ons, speed and ad block=win

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