X-Rumors: Playstation 3 Price Drop Imminent This Spring

Weapon X of The Bitbag writes, "I just got info from an industry insider that the Playstation 3 may very well be dropping in price this March or April. This is kind of what Torrence predicted a few Warzone episodes ago. Now the info states that the price drop is going to be $100."

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LinuxGuru3169d ago

Imminent this spring? lol Not really "imminent" in the truest form of the word.

BrianC62343169d ago

It sounds like something Microsoft might do. Spread a rumor the PS3 will get a price drop a month or two after Killzone 2 comes out. That way people who want the game and a PS3 will hold off and the game will have less sales.

Advice to anyone thinking about this, buy your PS3 at Best Buy. If the price drops in the first month after you buy it Best Buy will give you the difference.

As for a price drop, these rumors need to stop. Sony will tell us when they're ready to drop the price.

ChrisGTR13169d ago

man just shut up,killzone 2 isnt a console seller. your probably one of the dumbasses that said LBP was a system seller. yea so much for that.mgs4 is a system seller. but not new ips that nobody that owns a ps2 cares about.

RememberThe3573168d ago

Killzone 2 will do fine. The game is going to kick ass. You can sit there and b*tch and moan about it all you want but hat wont change the fact.

I really don't know why you post in the Gamer Zone, because you are definitely not a "gamer".

BattleAxe3168d ago

I got the same information from an "Industry Insider". His name is MICHAEL PACHTER.

The BitBag has about as much credibility as Maxim when it comes to the games industry.

Lifendz3168d ago

that's what you get when regular guys try to compete with the IGNs of the world. Iminent price drops this spring. An oxymoron perhaps?

Anyway, once that price hits 299.99 it's game over MS.

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rCrysis3169d ago

if true, then awesome!!

chaosatom3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

LOL. So now the Company is doing 'WELL" lol.

But,,,but....but I thought Ps3 was dead. :(

rCrysis3169d ago

I didn't catch that. LOLZ!!!

INehalemEXI3169d ago

If it drops by $100 that would be some serious spikage especialy during that time of 09 when major releases are dropping like h4wt banthar fodder.

Sarcasm3169d ago

Killzone 2 + Advertising Blitz + Price drop = Win.

Captain Obvious has been knocking on Sony's door with this one. Who knows if they will answer?

Hopefully it's not some weird commercial with 25 seconds of nothing to do with KZ2 and 5 seconds of gameplay.

It should be 5 seconds of weirdness, and 25 seconds of Ballet of Death. Sony, DO IT... DO IT...

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Gue13169d ago

PriceDrop + Killzone 2 = Win!

chaosatom3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

= xbox dead!

Mart will hopefully actually buy a actual Ps3, instead of pretending to have one.

Nathan Drake3169d ago

I might actually buy another Ps3 once the price drops,will be my 4th.

Gambit073169d ago

Why would you need 4!?!

Aclay3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


Drake, Love the new Avatar man. Those Helghast eyes just look SICK!!

I don't blame for thinking about picking up another PS3 at $299 though. I would pick up another PS3 at $299, but I'll probably try and hold out until a PS3 Slim comes out.

Xbox Street Gang3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

.....would have sufficed.

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