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The Lost and Damned achievements and new screenshot

Rockstar Games has just recently sent out an exclusive for Grand Theft Auto fansites. The email includes a list of Xbox 360 achievements for GTA IV's downloadable content The Lost and Damned, as well as one new screenshot of the protagonist Johnny Klebitz.

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ChrisGTR13589d ago

the achevements are kinda lame.

Speed-Racer3589d ago

Lost and Damned is lame on the whole

JasonPC360PS3Wii3589d ago

It's lame because it's not on the PS3.

callahan093589d ago

I own the 360 version of this game, and I DO think it's lame that it isn't on the PS3. This kind of payola is just bad for the industry, and it's bad for customer relations. They sell this game to people who own PS3's, and it isn't right that just because you bought one version of the game as opposed to another you're not allowed the option of experiencing all that they have to offer. They should be allowing PS3 owners the option to GIVE THEM MORE MONEY, for God's sake.

DNAgent3589d ago

It's lame because it's about bikers and bike missions were the worst missions in the whole game. Not to mention that most people have stopped playing GTA4 after how disappointing it was. Besides, it's not like there is much of anything else to do after the story and the online is mediocre. I think most people have already sold the game by now so i'm sure not a lot of people care about late mediocre DLC.

N2NOther3589d ago

The game came out 9 months ago...Has it occurred to you that some people stopped playing it because they beat the game? That's why I did. God, I hate the irrational generalizations that go on here. Personally, I can't wait for more GTA IV. And get this, I'm not alone...Weird, I know.

N2NOther3588d ago

Ahh, the cowardly phantom disagree...Funny, considering they disagreed with nothing but my personal opinion and fact.

N2NOther3587d ago

Aww...That's so cute. I have a stalker.

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iMarcus3589d ago

Are you joking? look good to me

peeps3589d ago

"whack off 69 bikers" made me laugh lol

Official General3589d ago

Yeah what a fitting title. The game looks lost and damned indeed LOL!

iMarcus3589d ago

well, it was two parts of episodic content.

anyway, i dont give a damn about microsoft and im glad they paid all this money so i can play some more gta 4

cherrypie3589d ago

No one. Not R* nor MS has ever disclosed what the $50M USD payment was for.

Most (sober people) believe it was a co-marketing budget; no matter. Let the bitter complain, me? I'll be playing The Lost and Damned DLC on day one.

Love GTAIV - and love this new direction.

Can't wait.

ThanatosDMC3589d ago

Love the new direction of paying for DLC??? It could have been included with the game. GTA4 was extremely short compared to the past games.

callahan093589d ago

Love the new direction of companies selling a product to two distinct groups of people, and allowing one of them to give them more money to expand that product, and not allowing the same thing to another?

It's not all that different than if I own a vacuum cleaner company, and I sell my vacuum cleaner to all people, but I'll only sell the extra attachments to white people. If you're not a white person, you're out of luck, you don't even get the option to GIVE ME MORE MONEY for the attachments that'll make your vacuum cleaner more useful.

This isn't like if they made two totally different versions of the game to begin with. Face it, the game is the same exact thing on the PS3 and the 360. Same game for the same price. Except one has this little imaginary augment slot that allows you to expand upon its content, and the other doesn't have that. Payola is the only reason one has that and the other doesn't. Both are exactly as capable as having it, but one doesn't, and it's an insult to that specific set of customers of theirs that they're not giving the same rights to.

It's absolutely stupid that this kind of extra content isn't available to ALL of their customers who bought the game. Give everyone the same ability to give you more money. THAT would be a good direction.

Blaze9293589d ago

actually cherrypie it was announced for a two part deal for episodic content, not just one. One more is coming after this.

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The story is too old to be commented.