Star Ocean IV New scans

Scans from the latest Weekly Famitsu Magazine

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jack who3413d ago

*waits for rabid sony fan to take a bury pic of scan and say its coming to ps3*

Gue13413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Man! You really are paranoid!

On a side note: The game's looking great. But I still don't like the box... DVD9, RRoD and a fee to play online is not my style.

Sez 3412d ago

i agree with you on that one. especially when people was calling ToV and L4D coming to ps3 a fake. who's to say they won't do the same here.

Hiruma Youchi3413d ago

for the people that are really intersted in the game ; theres a new character revealed in the pictures inside the link.

rCrysis3413d ago

if reviews rate it good, it will be my first next gen JRPG. Besides Valkyrie Chronicles which is a SJRPG

Raoh3413d ago

dont forget white knight chronicles.

Honorable mentions to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

rCrysis3413d ago

i have yet to get white knight chronicles; and i have not played blue dragon or lost odyssey.

Sasanova3413d ago

too bad it will suffer frame rate issues just like every single JRPG and RPG on the 360...every single one...

ceedubya93412d ago

ToV having those issues. I noticed it in the others that I've played (ME, LO, and a little in Blue Dragon), but Vesperia ran pretty smoothly.

NaiNaiNai3412d ago

before you even try and satrt that IU crap. IU was built with a un finished SO4 engine, they already stated they are still building onto the engine, which was start for SO4 right after SO3 came out. if your not a fan of the series GTFO please.

personally i cant wait to get to the beginning of the story, im currently player SO3. my favorite and the one i still see as the best in the series.

VsAssassin3412d ago

@jack who

You don't need to be asinine. Just be happy you have lots of RPGs, because when the PS3 gets real RPG exclusives, I bet you'll feel bad when someone uses the same words against you.

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The story is too old to be commented.