Could A Twilight Game Not 'Suck'?


"Twilight the film and Twilight the book series by Stephenie Meyer, featuring a 'girl meets boy' love story with a vampire twist, have certainly captured the imaginations of people around the world.

With obvious high interest and huge commercial success both as books and a movie (soon to be series of movies for sure), there is the possibility of Bella and her vampire beau Edward making it into the next entertainment medium: the video game.

Licenced video games follow success wherever they can and the entertainment media would be well aware of both the need for 'guaranteed' returns on any game-production investment in the current economic climate and of the potential attraction this game could have beyond the usual male game-playing demographic.

So obviously I won't be surprised to see a game made in time for the next film, now that the cat is out of the bag and the success well and truly demonstrated.

But would a Twilight game be any good?"

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gaminoz3611d ago

I could see that happening for sure....

Any game based on the books or movie would have to be story-driven, as is stated. Heavy Rain and Alan Wake look to be heading that way, which is good.

XboxOZ3603611d ago

Yes, but will they succeed in todays instant fix and high level of self gratification gamers, especially console gamers.

Unless it has action all the way through, lots of guns, fast cars and non-stop numbness, many newer gamers don't even bother opening the box.

Most gamers wanted hug Big Daddy Boss fights, not to have to make 'choices' for crying out loud. They wanted a FPS and fight-style game in Mirror's Edge, it's a parkour game - hello.

SO games that now have the mear whiff of a decent story, that takes some time to deal with as destined to fail or bet low scores. Not because they are poor games, but simply because many gamers now have unrealistic expectations of what THEY consider 'games'.

I can see a period where developers are going to revert to simple smash-em-up, shoot-em-up, madness to sell games. Shame, as we'll miss out on some great innovative games in the process. SO stop blaming the developers and publishers, but start looking in your (gamers in general) own back yard before starting to throw stones people.

gaminoz3611d ago

You could be right there, which would be a shame for story-driven games. You can mix the two successfully: not everything has to be Killzone 2 or Gears.

Heavy Rain and Alan Wake hopefully will do well despite being less 'quickly gratifying'.

darkmurder3611d ago

SHovelware much? If it did occur it could be good (vampires YAY!) but romance, pah, this can go on the DS with Project Rub thanks.

gaminoz3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

They would have to emphasise the action, but for it to be any good or attract more female gamers I would think the love story would be integrated and essential.

The next book goes to a different location and there is some new action potential with the "Wolf" Clan Native Americans...A game base solely on the first book would indeed be a stalking sim...

The article does show a few games that have done love stories that worked. Twilight would probably be a shorter game than some (being a tie-in) and it would be an interesting challenge to balance the slower story with some action.

Ichiryoka3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

The mere thought of this being a game, sucks.

Hunter863611d ago

Interesting read, I doubt they could make it without making a mess of it though.

XboxOZ3603611d ago

Not sure if I'd be interested - or npot to be honest.

These styles of games have passed me now, and I've settled into decent FPS, Racing games (sims and semi-sims) as well as Light sims or war flight games. Loved the earlier Buffy games, but they wore thing after awhile. So something like this would have to be remarkable, which I doubt it could be.

Plus with the current 'trend' of game bashing these days, no new game gets a decent chance to even have-a-go on the market. Which is a bloody shame, as we as gamers are doing ourselves a huge injustice by acting like spoilt brats around what we expect from games.

gaminoz3611d ago

There's always the vampire aspect to get it going but it would have to draw you in with the story as the books and film have done...maybe a mixture of Broken Sword and Buffy...? Adventure action games seem to be fading, but then games like Uncharted come along.

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