GameSpot: Star Ocean: Second Evolution Review

GameSpot writes: "Star Ocean: Second Evolution is an enhanced remake of developer Tri-Ace's Star Ocean: The Second Story, a popular PlayStation role-playing game. It shares much with First Departure, a recent remake of the original Star Ocean, highlighted by incredibly striking anime sequences courtesy of Production I.G., full voicing, and even an updated, smoother translation. The two games look and feel nearly identical, but while First Departure suffered from gruesome backtracking, Second Evolution frees itself from the constant barrage of pointless globe-trotting by focusing on engaging gameplay and a cohesive plot."

The Good

* Gorgeous anime sequences and full voicing
* More strategic play
* Intensive crafting and skill systems
* Fresh translation shows off a branching plot
* Little forced backtracking in comparison to First Departure

The Bad

* You can't skip past spell animations
* Some minor pop-up on the world map
* Optional private action scenes feel like a waste of time

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Foxgod3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

They want to skip magic animation ? -_-
And the private scenes are useless ?
You can get items somethimes, and even hidden characters with the private scenes, also they provide backstory for invidual characters, also they are optional.

They are seriously underscoring the star ocean ports for the psp.

SaiyanFury3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

The guy who reviewed this game has obviously never played it before. This guy most likely never enjoyed RPGs on the original PS.

"You spend most of your time traversing a 3D world map that's just as bland as First Departure's and also suffers from occasional pop-up, which you'll spy whenever huge landmasses suddenly appear at your feet."

Yes, of course you wander on a world map, it's a classic style RPG, most of them had a world map back in the day. Something you had to explore, it drew you into the world you were interacting with. Nowadays, RPGs take you by the hand and lead you through with little room for exploration. Star Ocean 2, original PS and PSP version, is one of my all-time favourite RPGs. Complaining about a world map and magic animations? What, is this guy's attention span the length of my pinky finger or something?

specialguest3589d ago

A score of a 7.5 or even a 7 never stopped me from playing an RPG game.

xionpunk3588d ago

I played this game on ps1 when it came out and was hooked. An amazing game and well worth the time.