TGS: Moon (DS) Review

Renegade Kid has developed their long awaited first-person shooter (FPS), Moon, for the DS. After making their other FPS for the DS, Dementium: The Ward, have they successfully made another creepy FPS for the DS?

"...Even in the opening cinematic, you'll find that Renegade Kid has taken the DS's limits even further by providing an extremely detailed setting. Everything from wires, boxes and guns are very detailed and gives each object its own personality. Another thing about the graphics is that even if the game is on the moon, you'll see all kind of colors ranging from grays to greens to reds..."

"...The more progress of the game you make, you'll come across more weapons and bigger, stronger aliens. The equilibrium between the enemies and the weapons you obtain is fair and works out well with health packs and ammo being plentiful throughout the game. In total there are 8 weapons and each one varies on what they do, some act as a sniper rifle and others and machine guns..."

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