TeamXbox: Street Fighter IV Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "If a video game Hall of Fame existed-you know, like the one in Canton-Street Fighter II would have its own wing.

Notice that the Capcom shout-out above is limited to Street Fighter II. This was a purposeful move because, in reality, the first and third games within the franchise aren't all that good, and the fourth generation of the game hasn't been released quite yet.

The first Street Fighter's issues mainly revolve around the lack of processing power at the time; it simply couldn't be as robust as it needed to be to captivate the arcade goers of the time. Furthermore, the Street Fighter deluxe cabinet-complete with gargantuan-sized, pressure sensitive buttons designed to be punched-were far too common in the U.S. Not a good thing, due to the fact that the machines simply couldn't take the abuse that rebellious, sugar-loaded teens could dish out. The result was a mediocre game that never ever functioned as advertised. "

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