TeamXbox: The Godfather II Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "Getting close to the game's release, EA was good enough to send out builds of the complete The Godfather II experience, something so much better than the brief looks and 20 minutes of hand-on-controller time we get with sit down demos. EA is usually good like that. But in this case it might be really important, since the guts of what makes the game go – this "Be the Don" strategy game that lies at the heart of this open-worlder – take a little time to digest.

That's not to say that the learning curve is high. The way the game conducts you in its early parts lays out every single mechanic at an appropriate pace, giving you plenty of opportunity to figure out how this organized crime simulator is, well, organized. Maybe I'm impatient, but I really wanted to just get cut loose in the town and start building my empire. It happens soon enough though."

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