Outrun Online Arcade A 360 Exclusive (Only In America)

Kotaku writes: "Outrun Online Arcade has us excited. But if you're American and own a PS3, you may want to ease back on the throttle of your own white-hot excitement jets. For safety reasons.

Because it's been confirmed that while the game will be released on both Xbox 360 and PS3 the world over, in North America, the game will only be released on Xbox 360. No PS3 version."

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Cyrus3653618d ago

Makes no sense, especially considering it's a digital download, and PSN users can just go to Euro store, and download it.

Why dis3618d ago

I'm sure PS3 fans will simply look at the pic or read that this is DL game and laugh.

beavis4play3618d ago

and why not? it is laughable.

Sasanova3618d ago

so pathetic...this is microsofts plan to bring exclusives to the try and support the other 3 DLC packs and halo wars...MICROSOFT IS OWNING THE 09 SON! TOO EZ

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