IGN: Mad Catz FightPad Review

IGN writes: "There are few more gratifying moments in gaming than after you complete a long, arduous single-player campaign with countless foes defeated and graphical glory being displayed in the form of end-credits. That is, of course, until you experience the feeling of bitch-slapping your friends all over the screen in a fighting game. Oh yes, like the feeling of scoring a perfect headshot in a first-person shooter title, landing a well-timed upper cut is like a virtual barbiturate. You can't help but feel a sudden jolt of adrenaline, followed by a brief bout of calm relaxation after effectively stomping out a competitor of either human or A.I. variety. But like any good competitive genre, fighting games come in a variety of forms. Some fighting games are for more casual players and require that players only mash the buttons blindly; others require the memorization of combos, finishing moves, and sheer, unadulterated fighting spirit."

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