Sony Give Us A Peek At God of War III In February

You thought that brief glimpse of God Of War III from the Spike TV VGAs was all you'd see of Kratos for a while? Nope. Sony will be showing the game off in mere weeks.

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computer3498d ago

I hope it's longer than that teaser they showed on Spike, 'cause I need this game now.

Nathan Drake3498d ago

Hopefully Sony won't put a long embargo on the preview,I need to witness Kratos in stunning 1080p ASAP

Horny3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

wrong section//

Cwalat3497d ago

I seriously don't understand their strategy.

Santa Monica has said this game won't release in 2009...

Why even show footage at this stage?
Just wait til E3 before showing anything off.
The game will get sooooooooooooooooooooo-(withou t excaduration)-ooo hyped that in the end it won't live up to everybodies expectations.


nonetheless, i will buy it first day.

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eelnats20003498d ago

better the "moving painting" jaffe was talking about.

Spike473498d ago

will be available in GOW3. I really enjoyed the different varieties of weapons in God of War and GOW2

Karum3497d ago

From thta trailer shown at the VGA's there's some badass looking fists to play with!

TheHater3498d ago

flap flap flap flap flap flap....flap
Sorry about that. Any news on God of War is good news for me :)

meepmoopmeep3498d ago

are you flying somewhere?


meepmoopmeep3498d ago

or Kid Icarus



swiftshot933498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

3 years in and (I think) the ONLY studio that hasnt said a word about their game is team ico. SOTC is my favorite game ever, and i know good games take a while, but cant we hear a thing?
/pissed off

On topic: I hate Kotaku.

To sony santa monica: same gameplay, better graphics, and good ending (i KNOW the story will rock) please and thank you.


TheHater3498d ago

SOTC is tied for my Favorite game of all time. It tied with God of War series, Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts I. :)

swiftshot933498d ago

God of War and Metal Gear Solid are the only games that come close to it for me...

Aclay3498d ago

I have to agree, I don't know how much longer I can wait for a Team ICO game announcement, but I think it's coming this year.

Even though it's taken a while, I think it'll be worth the wait because when Team ICO makes a game, they stir up the entire gaming industry and it moves people in way like never before.

TheHater3498d ago

When Team ICO release a game, everyone stop and take note. That how you create a new experience never before in entertainment.

Horny3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Since when does team Ico stir up anything? In the the Ps2 days none of you could give a sh!t about them now you all of the sudden treat them like gods....

Anyways I cant wait for GOW3, playing Chains of Olympus now and its awesome.

Danja3498d ago

back in the PS2 days ppl were praising Team Ico.....I remember when ICO 1st came out how much that game got praised...and everyone was excited to see what they would do next..then SOTC came around and I remember alot of ppl on the forums praising Team Ico..even more than they are now...

mfwahwah3497d ago


Where the Hell were you in the PS2 days? Under a rock perhaps? And maybe this rock was at the bottom of the ocean?

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