PS3 to receive exclusive "Collector's Edition" of Spiderman 3 game

Scheduled for a simultaneous release with the regular version of Spider-Man 3 in early May, Spider-Man 3 Collector's Edition will add a number of bonus features not available on other platforms. Webisodes from the Spidey 3 movie, an exclusive interview with producer Avi Arad, and behind the scenes talks with Tobey Maguire, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, James Franco, JK Simmons, and Bruce Campbell are also included. Players will even be able to access special Spider-Man 3 trailers and a couple of other undisclosed goodies.

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DJ4288d ago

so they get full reign over which platform gets full benefits and which one gets shafted.

wildcat4288d ago

The games will be exactly the same, but who wouldn't think that Sony would give themselves a little something extra, I mean they have the SpiderMan text on their system, it's the least they can do.

Sphinx4288d ago

DJ, you can't be serious. Who actually watches the behind-the-scenes and interviews? I know I don't. I actually can't say I know anyone who does. I just get games to play... that is what games are meant for, right? Why would I get a game to watch people talk about the game?
Ok, so maybe there are people who watch said commentaries and whatnot, but I don't think it would merit the use of the term "shafted". Come on, DJ, is it that bad? Is the PS3 so bad that you have to try and make it look better because one of the games it will play has commentaries on it, while the other platforms aren't treated to such a treat if they so choose to play the same game?
Straws, man, you're grasping for straws.

DJ4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

I mean jeez, you even brought system hardware into the discussion. =P BTW, those interviews are in relation to the movie, not the game. Expect to see this happen a lot more often and in other areas such as online. I didn't think of this at first, but I agree with Deepbrown that Blu-ray also means they can afford to allocate space for these extra features.

techie4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

I think that's slightly harsh against DJ. I don't think that was the implication of what he was saying at all. If anything it was slightly negative against Sony. It is Sony's movie and so they can decide who to shaft - and give themselves the better deal...did DJ say that means it's better?

Is this what Blu-ray is to be used for...? Maybe they could put the whole movie of Spiderman3 on as well... Oh and to DJ comment about Blu-ray was sarcasm. If blu-ray means that we get lots of sh'tty trailers and extra content then [email protected] OUT - I'd rather pay £100 less please.

power of Green 4288d ago

How long have you been on this site?. I think DJ has commented on 1 to 2 posts with out some shaddy double meaning that wasn't trying to provoke members with different preferences.

See Quote: you even brought system hardware into the discussion" If the PS3 isn't hardware i don't know what is, the very nature of his first comment is about hardware, it's the child-like reasoning mixed with tons of knowlege is the reason people take what DJ has to say with a box of Salt..

techie4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

Of course I've seen what DJ can do. But I felt in this instance it wasn't even implied. It was in some ways showing what a biatch Sony can be. So I thought that some crazy bashing was out of order, when this is a fellow person you're posting to.

Hell get out the hot pokers when he starts to sound like a fanboy and diss the 360 for irrational reasons. But just keep them warming in the fire until that happens. (what a SH'T metaphor - I apologise)

Also it's not like it's a threat to the 360 that a crappy movie game will get some extra content on one platform. Hell let the ps3 guys be smug about it, because it means nothing! Perhaps just some extr sales - if that when theres so many more 360's in people's homes.

power of Green 4288d ago

Who care's the game doesn't look that great anyways.

techie4288d ago

Oh so true. It's of course for fans of the n such like. Which is all good.

Anyone remember the Terminator 3 game...HA! I seem to remember that going down in history as oneof the least profitable games EVER.

Sphinx4288d ago

DJ saw this article and jumped on it, like a fat kid on a cupcake... who hasn't eaten since Tuesday. You can give him the benefit of the doubt if you like, but this is what I've seen DJ do time and time again. He overly exaggerates everything that could possibly be good for the PS3... I'm starting to think he's on the payroll.

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