Throw your hard drive away, Google's Gdrive arriving in 2009

Google Drive, or Gdrive as it is better known, has to be the most anticipated Google product so far. When it arrives, Gdrive will likely cause a major paradigm shift in how we use computers and bring Google one step closer to dethroning Windows on your desktop.

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Sasanova3412d ago

god i hope this becomes compatible with my ps3...bout to have a major upgrade

ThanatosDMC3412d ago

I'm not sure about this one... i like my downloaded goods i got for free....

Capt CHAOS3412d ago

It's major selling point, I can achieve via google docs. Still would be good to be able to have low cost hardware at different places and share the entire OS, setup, music and video, though it might be a bit slower.

phosphor1123412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

bandwidth? Honestly? I still get download rates of 150 kilobytes/s..As long as broadband or fiber optic speeds is not the standard, this is just as useless as trying to upload/download your files through emails.

Yes, it's a great idea, no, it's not gonna be worth it anytime soon. Think about it, newest SATA HDD's get transfer rates of "3G/s" which (after bit/byte calculations, frequency and encoding) becomes 300mb per second. Now think about the average cable (comcast) user getting 10-12mbps download rates..translating to about half a meg a second.

Now compare .5 megs/s vs 300 megs/s. Now include latency times of the server having to retrieve the data, your bandwidth, and the distance between you and the server. Enjoy your crap slow HDD.

I'm not trying to be a hard on about this, but just look at the facts. It's not going to be used as an alternative HDD or an extension.

You want more HDD space? Buy a 320gig 2.5 HDD for 90USD...seriously..(That is ps3 compatible as well..)

Most are in USB 2.0. USB2 gets 480mbps, which is about 60 megs/s, which still trumps the .5 megs/s download rates. Simple math folks.

Sigh..I know there will be people that will give me disagrees..i know it.

Lich1203411d ago

While I agree that I don't think it will completely replace local storage I do think you're underestimating it a little bit.

Comparing it to email download isn't quite right. Many people with broadband don't get to see the high download speeds not because of their internet line but because the servers they're pulling from aren't dishing out at high speeds. Email servers are especially bad because email is typical used for text files and I think they limit speeds to steer clear of people using email as a sharing service.

For example I recently downloaded HL2 off of steam (which has very good servers) and was downloading at 2MB/s. While that doesn't come close to the speeds of a local drive it still is enough bandwidth to support effectively the types of services they're advertising this for. Plus if anyone has the money for a good server set up it will be google.

VampHuntD3411d ago

That would be awesome. Otherwise, I don't know if it's any different from any otehr online storage, just less time to sync rather than to upload and download. That sounds pretty cool though.

Sircolby453411d ago

"Sigh..I know there will be people that will give me disagrees..i know it."

You won't get a disagree from me. Any person with a little bit of knowledge can see that this is not going to replace your HDD. Even if everyone had a 100mb connection it still would not be a good replacement. The internet simply can not handle as much as your HDD can.

ambientFLIER3411d ago

Thanatos: Hopefully this will take care of thieves like you.

phosphor1123411d ago

Seems like you are right so far. Haven't gotten disagrees yet. I'm just used to people hating my logic. Happens on Digg

Thugbot1873411d ago

Sounds like a good idea but too Big Brother. Think about it someone gets to see everything you have on your drive... Not to say we would have to have a huge upgrade in Bandwidth. I have 2TB of information (Recorded TV, Programs, MP3's)on my computer.

I understand people love to hate the big corporation or Windows but other alternatives do exist Linux, Unix, BeOS, Mac OS. Yes I've used all of the OS I mentioned and while some of them do something better than Windows, they fall short in other areas that matter to a great deal of us; so until someone comes up with an OS that does everything Windows does and does it better, the majority of us will will live in reality and keep using Windows because it does what we need.

prowiew3411d ago

I just doesnt like the idea of storing my data on the cloud. I like it better local. Maybe im old school.

Wise_Man3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

• Innovation is the Key to Success

TheDude2dot03411d ago

Wow @ the person who was whining about illegal downloads.

I don't know what's worse. The music corporation that sucks the souls out of musicians or people like you who crucify those that download songs illegally. You aren't even targeting the right people. The thieves are the ones who upload it in the first place.

By the way, the big torrent sites have one of the most well functioning give and take communities I have ever seen. If the world was like that, it would be a better place.

ambientFLIER3411d ago

Err, no. Are you saying that it's the uploader's fault that you are downloading his music illegally? Is he making you do it? All he's doing is opening his pc for others to look through the files.

God, I just love the excuses thieves make...

Well, if it wasn't so expensive, I wouldn't download it!
That's ok, they get plenty of money anyway!
I will buy it later when I have the money, I swear!

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Nathan Drake3412d ago

I support Google to the fullest,will def' try Gdrive once it's out.

Rambo3411d ago

I don't like it here, I mean, the people, there is no brotherhood between them. I flew choppers and drove tanks, back there, they let me operate million dollar equipment, back here I'm nothing! Nothing! I can't even hold down a job at a car wash!

Tempist3411d ago

Glad to hear that Google has 1TB of space specifically for me. Now about that download / upload speed...

meepmoopmeep3412d ago

Fact: Google is part of the "la li lu le lo"

call me paranoid but Google likes to keep everyones information, eh?
most likely to transmit it to the mothership in the neighboring galaxy
where EYE HAVE YOU are keeping us under a microscope.



Sheddi3412d ago

"La li lu le lo" is for those who cant say "the patriots".
What have u been doing recently ehh?

Lombax3412d ago

Anyone remember what Bill Clinton did? Besides Monica... >.>

vlazed3412d ago

How about no. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea deserves to get spied on.

meepmoopmeep3412d ago

Cloud computing it the next big thing.

if anyone wanted to spy on you they could do this
whether or not your information is on their servers.
your HDD is as safe on your comp at home as it is
on a company's server.

unless you're uber paranoid and unplug your stuff every night.

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