IGN PC Previews 2009

IGN writes: "Whether you're looking for strategy games, first-person shooters, action titles, role-playing games or persistent online worlds, you'll find something to like about 2009's lineup. As tends to be the case in many years, there are a few big sequels on the list, namely Relic's Dawn of War II, 2K Marin's BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, and Monolith's F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. And let's not forget some of the more original titles like BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins and Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol.

You'll probably notice a few high profile games aren't on the list, and the simple reason is that we couldn't get confirmation they'd actually be ready for this year. So, for instance, StarCraft II isn't a confirmed 2009 title, so it's not on this list, and it's the same deal for Half-Life 2: Episode 3."

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