Forbes lack of knowledge of video games is comical and tragic wrote, "I'm getting the first few pieces of what I'm seriously calling "amateur games journalism" - and that's even when compared to my own - out of the way nice and early, so I can delve into the article's meat and pick it apart down to the bones. Right, let's see: they've called Call of Duty a "savage World War II game" and haven't bothered to check if there have been any non-Tony Hawk skating games before the Wii's Skate It (that'd be, um, skate)."

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LinuxGuru3589d ago

"Regular" media can't tell their asses from holes in the ground when it comes to videogames.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've always known this.

barom3589d ago

Lol ironic, amateur journalist complains about amateur games journalism.

IVYvsTAKI3589d ago

stupid motherfunks actually get their gaming information from places like Forbes, and shop accordingly. Far as I'm concerned, we the gamers know what the hell is going on and don't need to be concerned with this dumb sh!t.

The video game industry cannot be overlooked as a source of entertainment for long. The sooner this is realized, the sooner it will get the respect it deserves. Forbes writing articles about video games when they don't know sh!t about 'em? Unforgivable...