How Microsoft silenced the douche bags on Xbox Live

Instead of going after the real problem on Xbox Live, Microsoft sublimely erased the problem... examines how Microsoft avoided losing the douche bag's money while still silencing them on Xbox Live.

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JackBauerIsHIGH3408d ago

One of those guys in the picture resides on our forums.

socomnick3408d ago

never gonna shut me up.

_Q_3408d ago

Nick thats actually you in that pic? I always thought it was a joke.
I take back all the mean things I said about you. Being that is punishment enough XD

jadenkorri3408d ago

PSN/Live is the only place people can get away with saying every name in the book including ni**er, to other people with no consequences, other than being pwned by someone, or kicked...thats about as much as whats going to happen to you. If you did this face to face with someone, a can 100% guarantee you'll get your teeth knocked out. When people start swearing and doing the whatnot, i just mute them, its not worth really getting into an argument, im here to have fun, not swear at you or try to win a argument that in fact has no effect on me. Videos on internet and people I've heard over PSN/Live are really bad, I'm disappointed and fell sorry, more so at the parent who let their kid scream like that over PSN/Live, let alone be playing a mature game.

pippoppow3407d ago

Agree. While I'm sure many parents are unaware at how much of an asshole their kids are or can be unfortunately there probably are some that are aware and just don't care. Sad that those parents thinks it's acceptable because they think it's only in fun and it's only online. They don't see what it does to the kid on the receiving end of abusers or the abuser themselves and how it can spoil the experience for other users online.

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0LDSCH00L3408d ago

Yea, party system is great but.. long before there ever was the party system you could just mute someone or, the whole room if you wanted.

Johnny Rotten3408d ago

by giving them kneepads and funding for a website named Kotaku.

Why dis3408d ago

Spread the wealth MSFT ;)

El_Colombiano3408d ago

Oh, they do. To every publisher that had a game in line for PS3. Most of the time all their dirty money manages to do is postpone the inevitable PS3 release. Oh, or they manage to secure some garbage DLC.

Sitdown3408d ago

Please feel free to first explain how it is dirty money; follow that up with all the games that were postpone on the ps3 because of the 360, and then all the DLC content that they have attained through these means. Thanks in the advance for information.

IdleLeeSiuLung3408d ago

While you are at it, please also show some proof!

El_Colombiano3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

1. - Dirty money

Term, as in, instead of focusing on taking previous Playstation only series' to the Xbox, flood all that money to you're own first party developers, instead of having to drop them.

2. - Bioshock. The "GOTY 2007" (Not in my opinion, COD4 took that for me) was a huge one. GTA IV would have been Playstation timed exclusive for it not have been for Microsoft interfering with huge checks, and now look at FF13. I'm sure Square decided on that once they saw the blank checks rolling in signed "Microsoft".

3. - I'm pretty sure $50,000,000 merits the loss of SO MANY new innovative I.Ps Microsoft COULD have made with that insane money. But no. They tried getting everybody to buy a 360 for GTA because of some petty DLC. Also another HUGE DLC deal Microsoft dumped trucks of money on was Fallout 3. Oh and a lesser DLC deal would be Tomb Raider.

You're very welcome, in advance of course.

Oh and the dude above me.

E3 2008. Microsoft was actually BRAGGING about (quote) "stealing" Playstation brand exclusives. GTA, Devil May Cry and Ace Combat to name a few. If anything, they will be the end to what we all loved last generation. Real games made for one console in mind, not having to compromise for the other.

@ Below me. That makes no sense.

Why dis3408d ago

As you can see MSFT doesn't give things away for free. Greedy MSFT ;)

jcfilth3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Dirty Money: making you pay to play online(so they can pay for DLC and timed exclusives, yes! you're paying for that), themes(are you [email protected] serious?), $100 for 20GB HDD(WHAAAT?), selling a product they knew was faulty from start for $399?? (anything faulty HAS to be cheap) 33% failure rate? omfg!

Games Postponed: FF13, Tekken 6, Bioshock, Lost Planet, Tales Of Vesparia...and I'm sure there will be more..L4D maybe?

DLC content: GTAIV(boring imo), Tomb Raider(for a chapter that was supposed to be in the game from the beginning)..waste of money, Fallout3.

If you need proof for this, you have been leaving under a rock all this time and that could be the reason why you bought the faulty 360 and not the far superior PS3(YES! like it or not it is! and you know it).

To the disagrees, I feel really sorry for you but I think it's time to see the company you are supporting for what they really are, they don't give a sh!t about YOU, their consumers, I think selling YOU a product they knew was faulty, confusing YOU with HD DVD when what they had in mind was Digital Downloads, and the other things a mentioned above, are more than enough proof of this.

And before you jump to say that Sony is no different, releasing a reliable product, filled with new tech and thinking about supporting it for 10 years, tells me they care about their company and ME.

Jon Cage3408d ago

they care about ME

thx for that

No Way3407d ago

Don't hate.. If you owned a x360 you wouldn't be complaining about any of that you said. And, with the DLC or a new game, lost PS3 exclusive, you would NOT be complaining.

And, don't say you would, cause if you do you're an idiot.. Cause why would you complain about the chance to get some more DLC for a game, or a whole new game.. you wouldn't.

So, Shhhhhhhh!

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