Killzone 2 All Access Preview (Video)

Check out X-Play's latest preview of Killzone 2, from today's show.

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PSN- TOMMYMGS43288d ago

this is some sick **** cant wait to buy it mon **** is gonna be like weed

Ichiryoka3288d ago

..................<Turns and walks away slowly>..........

MURKERR3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

an makes history,you to need to listen to his speech about our ancestors....

kz2 will be awesome but i do think to much spoilers are making it through, interviews are much better

ViceKingz3288d ago

ya surprised that word aint filtered

Lifendz3288d ago

was that an attempt at humor?

KZ2 owns. We all are witnesses to the PS3 living up to a target render though impossible.

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Jager3288d ago

Seems the reviewers are having fun online with this game.... the bastards :(

rroded3288d ago

def a day one buy for me :D

cant wait!

Ichiryoka3288d ago

Reminds me of the Tim and Eric show. lol.


iamruthless243288d ago

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MURKERR3288d ago

@i am ruthless...get a gurlfriend man then this sh!t wont happen

INehalemEXI3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Ive had a wife cut through a door and come after me with a knife over playing to much games, and a gf who stabbed me for no reason at all....

you don't see me complaining...wuss....get a band-aid sit down and think about where you went wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.