High-powered lasers will allow burning dual-layer Blu-ray at 10x

Once the realm of mighty giants with huge pocketbooks, burning a dual-layer Blu-ray (or HD DVD) disc might be yours at ten times normal speed starting in 2008, when Japanese firm Nichia Corp. will start production on a higher-powered laser diode for use in recorders.

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wolfgang4287d ago

Anyone else think this might have a beneficial impact on the production ps3 game ?

Xi4287d ago

no because you would require a new drive to read them.

OutLaw4287d ago

Good article, but you need to change this from Playstation 3 news to industry tech news.

Nothing in the story has to do with the PS3

ChickeyCantor4287d ago

can you say kaboooom?

i remember my CD-drive @ 52 READ speed.....and it blew up a cd and i couldnt use it isnt this burning laser going to cozz to much heat to the Br-disc?

tacobell4287d ago

but they use the same burning tech laser for hd-dvd so its not just blu-ray