ZTGD Review: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

ZTGD writes: "The idea of mixing a puzzle game with an RPG may have sounded preposterous a few years ago, but with the moderate success of Puzzle Quest the idea has proven the formula can work. Capcom has obviously taken notice of this with their latest puzzle game developed by Infinite Interactive and using the popular kid-friendly license of Neopets. If you are unfamiliar with the license Neopets it is a website designed to addict children in by allowing them to create and nurture their very own virtual pet. Users can earn points to spend on their creations by playing a series of mini-games and every time the company introduces anything new kids flock to it for a chance to earn more points for their silicon animals."

+ Great for fans of the franchise
+ Unique take on usual licensed game

- Terrible frame rate
- Poor presentation

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