A quieter Xbox360 is a Slower Xbox360: Quieteness and the Cost of Drive Speed

Would you rather have your Xbox 360 play games quieter, but at the expense of slowing down the disc drive speed? It seems that it's a choice we all soon have to make. German site Cynamite is reporting that debug consoles have been given a software update that did exactly the same.

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eques judicii4261d ago

think about, it seems silly to give the common user the ability to change their disk drive speed... however, the ability for a developer to turn back the drive speed when the level is already loaded makes a lot of sense. Only games that require constant streaming would require the drive going at a full 12X all the time. But games that fully load an environment can turn it down to like 1X while the game is played and then spin it back up when additional loading is necessary.

chopsuey2104261d ago

Well i agree with you eques, but if we got the update onto our 360, would there be a way for us to change the speed on the console?

DG4261d ago

see the ability to download a game to the HD and have less loading time like the PS3. Or maybe thats what MS intends to do to make up for the speed. Id agree to that. Although my Xbox is quiet since I got mine repaired with the new Benq drive.

BenzMoney4261d ago

How is this a decision we'll "all have to make"? I don't envision making this decision. If it's part of a dashboard update, then its mandatory.

Covenant4261d ago

My new console is much quieter than the old one, and strangely enough, doesn't seem to run any slower.