Confirmed: Sega Cuts Staff

Edge writes: "Sega of America is the latest games maker to issue layoffs, the company confirmed to Edge Tuesday.

Following rumors that 30 employees have been laid off, a rep for Sega said in an e-mail, "Sega of America has grown at pace with the booming videogame industry, but at this time of economic recession, harsh retail landscape, and the reality of business challenges to profitability, we must take steps to reduce our cost structure and ensure long-term success."

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Kamikaze1353613d ago

As so why they don't release the Sonic game that fans want, they deserve it. Seriously...what kind of excuse is "It's too much work". They know they're releasing gimmicky Sonic games and continue to do it...

ThatArtGuy3612d ago

Get some people who are passionate about the character, and know what he is all about. Let THEM make the game. Sonic deserves a lot more respect than the burnt out Sonic Team has given him.

TheColbertinator3613d ago

Its a shame to hear that but hopefully they can keep Sega WOW which is the team that created Valkyria Chronicles