Well Played Relic

Harsh Gaming writes:

"This is a good example of everything that is right with the industry. It has been a week of problematic stories. Microsoft and Sony have acted like children; Killzone 2 has been leaked on EBay and there has been a worrying increase in unprofessional 'journalism'. It is a positive to see such a predominant studio doing something right."

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TheIneffableBob3617d ago

I expected nothing less of them. Relic is one of the most respected studios in the industry.

mariusmal3616d ago

yes Relic is incredible. oh i miss the days of homeworld :D

Nihilism3617d ago

I'm tired of getting games before they're ready and then having companies take they're sweet ass time making a patch because they already have your money and don't care. This game is going to be better than starcraft 2 in my mind, just an opinion, more innovative 4 factions vs 3, just as good graphics as sc2 if not better, and it's out first....whats not to like, and just when i thought rts was getting boring... The patch on day one and the fact that it's out a week earlier than planned can only mean good things

mariusmal3616d ago

i don't wich one will be better. but it's better for me that this way i will have 2 incredible RTS's to play :D

Altered_Soul3616d ago


Agreed 100%, I think this year is going to be great for RTS fans. Maybe some sleeper hits will pop up too, like Sins of a Solar Empire last year.

I think DoWII and SC2 will be vastly different in execution, allowing a solid RTS experience in both without direct competition.

mariusmal3616d ago

"There will be a patch on the day of release. It will include any balancing needed from the multiplayer beta."

yeah this way they don't need to push back the game because of the beta.
relic always delivered good and polished games. homeworld, down of war, company of heroes.


Snoozer2823616d ago

Everyone has pretty much already said my vies. Rock on Relic!