Report: iPhone Game Development Maturing

A new report from Game Developer Research suggests that the iPhone games market may be starting to grow up.

Today's press release advertising GDR's 2009 State of iPhone Game Development Report is full of interesting numbers generated via a survey of 150 iPhone game developers.
For instance, the surveyed developers indicated that they are moving towards longer development cycles for their new iPhone games. 1-3 month development cycles dropped from 61% of completed projects to 41% of in-development projects, while the number of games with 4-6 month development cycles rose from 25% (completed) to 47% (in development).

The report also signals that the respondents are signing off on more ambitious kinds of projects. The proportion of new games in the puzzle and word game genres has fallen from 62% to 53%, while strategy and adventure games are making significant gains--from 11% to 15% and from 11% to 21%, respectively.

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