Ultra Ninjas : Games We Are Looking Forward To In 2009

Ultra Ninja Matt writes "Whilst I am first to blabber endlessly about how much I love Resident Evil 4, even I must admit that I have pretty much drained it dry of any kind of content over the past few years. Given this, it's rather lucky that the next Resi game is not too far away at all!

The new game stars Chris Redfield – he of Resi 1 and Code Veronica fame – as he heads to Africa to try and root out the evildoers behind a bioterrorism campaign that is causing the locals to act a tad funny. Playing out much like its predecessor in terms of being more action-based and with a point-of-view hovering just behind the protagonist's right shoulder, in some ways this looks like more of the same, except in current-gen style.

That would be to slightly sell the thing short, of course, as this time around the enemies are sharper of wit and fleeter of foot than ever before, meaning that you'll have to be rather more careful than in previous games. The other interesting difference is that the setting is somewhat sun-bleached and thus rather different in atmosphere to the dark, grimy villages and cities that we have all navigated over the years, hence it might actually be an advantage to find the dark corners this time around, rather than an invitation to a quick, zombie-munched death."

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