Elpida produces 7.2GHz, 28.8GB/s XDR memory

Fudzilla writes, "World's fastest XDR DRAM.

The last time we heard about Rambus XDR memory being used on a wide scale was with Sony's PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, senior vice president Sharon Holt at Rambus Licensing and Marketing believes that "today's consumer electronics require both high performance and superior power efficiency." Elpida Memory in particular has shown itself to be the top supplier of XDR RAM and continues to specialize in developing high-performance, low-power XDR products.

Today, the Japanese company introduced the industry's first 1-Gigabit XDR DRAM based on an x32-bit configuration. The memory features a proprietary 65nm CMOS process designed to run at frequencies up to 7.2GHz at just 1.5v, which is faster and more efficient than any GDDR5 memory to date. It provides a one-chip solution that, compared with two x16-bit configuration 512 Megabit XDR DRAMs, consumes 35-40% less power and requires less space."

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Jager3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Why Hello PS4's DRAM O.o

dude_uk3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

no... this would be PS4's ram...maybe not even this one.. but a XDR3?!

Faster Data rate achieved at slower clock =D

Ju3613d ago

Agreed. Not PS4. This is still the same what they have in the PS3, a bit faster, and can digest a higher clock and is way more power efficient. Actually, this could go into a future PS3 revision to lower the power consumption and reduce chips (1GBit configuration = 2 chips only in the PS3, instead of 4 now (don't they use 4 right now ?)). Top clock frequency just means it can be even more efficient @3.2GHz.

Proxy3613d ago

Take notice of that. Clocks speed is only half the picture, also depends on what kind of bus you have connecting the to the RAM.

Everyone thinks the PS3 RAM is way faster than XBox360's; 3.2 ghz vs 700 mhz. PS3 wins right?

Well, yes, the PS3 is faster, but-

360 has a wider bus, thus it can accomplish more per clock cycle than the PS3 can. In short, the PS3 ends up being marginally faster, but not as much as you would think.

Just saying this to illustrate that clock speeds are only half the picture.

Ju3613d ago

Less lines just means cheaper implementation on the PCB. Less lines to route, less layers, less interference. It has nothing to do with the amount of data you can transfer. In fact, XDR transfers more (!) data at the same time then the much wider connected (G)DDR. XDR uses a (more) serial protocol, while (G)DDR uses a more parallel approach.

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THC CELL3613d ago

This and the cell 2.0 or what ever in the ps4

I think ps4 will last 20 years lol

Kushan3613d ago

Didn't Sony sell the CELL to Toshiba?

OrganicMachine3613d ago

no, Sony, Toshiba and I forgot the other companies... helped designed the CELL processor

lsujester3613d ago

Sony did sell about 60% their CELL manufacturing assets to Toshiba, however.

dukadork23613d ago

yea, for some reason some people don't understand the concept of "manufacturing": sony toshiba and ibm joined forces for the design but toshiba's doing the manufacturing

XDR has this insane bandwidth advantage especially coupled with the cell processor's dma engine. another key perf factor most 360 coders are completely clueless about, but we'll soon all appreciate while mowing down helgasts by the dozens

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LinuxGuru3613d ago

Say hello to the RAM in the PS4!

Ju3613d ago

To slow for PS4, IMO. This is close to the PS3 (25GB/sec). I'd expect the PS4 - if they would go with XDR or something - beeing closer to or beyond the 100GB/s at the time when its available.

socomnick3613d ago

no linux is probably right, the ps4 will be a budget system like the wii. after all the money they have lost this gen so far they have no choice but to go budget model next gen.

Ju3613d ago

It doesn't make sense to scale a PS4 down from the PS3. If so, it makes more sense to just use a "arcade" PS3, strip out the HDD, and possibly even the RSX, and use 256MB XDR only no USB, no WiFi (well, that costs you $2) or use USB instead of Bluetooth. CELL based renderer which is still faster then the PS2 (and the Wii) for example. This could give you a $149/$199 Wii killer, IMO - but too late, not in 2009++.

Even if the next version is a budget version, it will be faster then the PS3 (even the Wii being a "budget" version of the GC, has improved on all ends compared to the GC and is still about 2x faster).

This article just refers to a license holder from Rambus who now produces its own XDR which isn't significantly faster Rambus own XDR implementation (25GB/s vs. 28GB/s). Its just a new product of the same thing. I highly doubt, Sony would redesign the MoBo just to get a different vendor into the game. It makes sense (and it will happen) to reduce the # of chips to lower manufacturing (and BoM) and power consumption (smaller PSU, smaller cooling system, etc). That's a direction this vendor points to, but I think Rambus themselves are doing those optimizations for/with Sony for the PS3.

I personally think we won't see a new console for a long long time. I guess even beyond those famous "ten years". What's the purpose pouring so much money into a new console when you have all you need right in front of you ?

But if these guys are ready for the next step, it'll be a leap forward again (also, because I think they haven't even started to look into the next-next gen, and 4 years down the road, we are talking about things we don't even know today).

LinuxGuru3613d ago

God, what a bunch of douches.

Not really being serious, people. It's OBVIOUS there will be far more advancement in RAM tech by the time the PS4 is designed and released.

Ju3613d ago

Offended much, or what ?

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Kouzmich3613d ago

Well this is now , so what's goin to be 8 years from now , when PS4 comes out ?

dude_uk3613d ago

i'd say 4-5 years....

because by then the PS3 will be 7 years old, and the playstation cycle restarts

but i'd say Rambus would make an XDR3 since they've already made the XDR2 which is programmable for multi-threading and twice the data rate of the XDR. The XDR2 also performs at a higher data rate of 12.8Gbs at a slower clock of 800Mhz which is awesome and therefore its faster than Elpida's XDR clocked at 7.2Ghz/28.8Gbs at just about 2 Ghz. =D

Droid Control3613d ago

... Doesn't it...

No bottlenecks for the PS4!

cryymoar3613d ago

No competition at all.

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