The Top 9 PC Games of 09

In GamesRadar's latest feature they have put together a list of the best upcoming PC titles. The best on your desktop in the coming year.

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Foxgod3247d ago

I think its pretty clear what platform has the most awesome exclusives in 2009, my pc cant wait for these goodies.

lelo3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Don't say that... console fanboys (specially PS3 fanboys) will take your bubbles away. They are mean :)

But... i have to agree. Pc gaming is looking sweet for 2009. Still missing many games in that list.

JDW3246d ago

The best part for me is that so may of these titles have amazing longevity.

D3, Starcraft and others will offer literally countless hours of gameplay.

specialguest3246d ago

I missed out on Diablo 1 & 2, but I won't miss Diablo 3 for sure.