Sony Entertainment Online Looks To PS3 For 50% Of Business

As PlayStation 3 sales continue to grow, Sony Online Entertainment is looking for the console to account for a larger proportion of their total business.

And by a heftier portion of the pie, SOE President John Smedley is thinking right down the middle.

"I think PS3 will be close to half our business. There's an audience now waiting for online games on the PS3. I believe PSN has over 15 million users today. It's growing so quickly, we see a great user base potential there," he told GameDaily.

"I think a lot of the people who play PlayStation 3 games right now aren't the same people playing MMOs right now. I think (MMOs) going to bring in a lot of new players. There are certainly people who have consoles and PCs in their house. The difference is what they actively play. PlayStation 3 gamers are used to playing Resistance 2 instead of a shooter on the PC. I think we can bring this kind of gaming to this audience and I think it's going to be huge."

(by Chris Naughton)

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UnSelf3410d ago

One hand washes the other.

Great business strategy Sony, keep it up

Faggol3410d ago

i wonder if theyll charge for the subscritions in the MMO's.......knowing Sony they wont, and itll just add another notch to they belt

PirateThom3410d ago

From what they've been saying, the MMOs on PS3 are going to be free but supported through advertising/microtransactions.

socomnick3410d ago

lol bad strategy, they will see far less than 50 percent then.

IzKyD13313410d ago

Well, they have 3 MMOs coming up, so business should be way up this year

Pennywise3410d ago

The waiting is killing me - when will the first release and what is it?

DC Online
?? (its late and time to go home)

TheHater3410d ago

Free Realms is the other one. That one is free. You just have to download it, or use the PS3 browser to play the game.

SaiyanFury3409d ago

I pray that they bring back Champions of Norrath. Those games kicked ASS on the PS2.

cmrbe3410d ago

the lunch of the PS3 i always hear SOE talk about their games on the PS3 and now still there are non.

Just stop talking and just do it already. Otherwise just shut up.

man0fsteel3410d ago

such a delicious lunch


Kain813410d ago

for ps3 this year.
Than we have NCsoft MMORPGs like Aion and Blade & Soul

INehalemEXI3410d ago

I will sign up for EQ3 even if its pay2play if its on PS3. I will also buy another PS3.

legendkilla3410d ago

they havent released anything yet.... they must have big hopes!

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The story is too old to be commented.