Gaming Heaven : Tom Clancy's HAWX Preview

John Erikon writes "For those who have never played these games before, gamers take control of David Crenshaw, a talented pilot who was formerly a member of the United States military HAWX program. After HAWX was axed due to budget issues, David offered his skills to the highest bidder which ended up being ARES, a private military firm. ARES troops are trained to be the ultimate killers and use uncompromising (and sometimes ethically questionable) tactics to achieve their goals.

The year is 2019 and diplomatic tension between Brazil and Las Trinidad (A South American military alliance) are becoming very aggressive, leading to much tension. Brazil opens a contact with ARES getting their help and matters get more complicated when the United States also decide to offer their support to Brazil, which in turns causes financial issues for ARES as their profits are cut. Wanting to maximise their income, ARES offers military support to Las Trinidad ... who accept, leading to a conflict between ARES and the United States. As you control David and his squad you are now therefore in the middle of this rather unpleasant conflict."

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Tom Clancy's HAWX RAWX my SAWX