NPD Clarifies: The Real List Of Top 5 Best-Selling Games Of 2008 Is…

Last week MTV Multiplayer reported that it could not yet be determined whether "Wii Play" or "Grand Theft Auto IV" was the best-selling game of 2008 in the U.S. But today they finally got the definitive Top 5 2008 list - and it knocks "GTA" to third place.

Today, NPD provided MTV Multiplayer with the numbers they needed and they can now present the definitive list of top 2008 games.

Top-Selling Games In The U.S. For 2008
(All versions combined. Units in millions)

1. Wii Play 5.28
2. Madden NFL '09 5.25
3. Grand Theft Auto IV 5.22
4. Mario Kart w/ Wheel 5.00
5. Call of Duty: World at War 4.63

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UnSelf3407d ago

The top 2 selling games are on very different ends of the spectrum.

its almost like a metaphor to how evenly diverse the gaming community is

shine13963407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

This what this list says to me:
1, Pack in with free controller.
2, Biggest US sports game over six different platforms
3, A GTA Game
4, A Mario Game
5, First person shooter. or to be fair: a COD game.

Erm theres the market for you. No metaphor. Cold hard reality. Although wii fit should really be there if their counting wii play.

Beast_Master3406d ago

Wii Play is not really fair at all, I mean if it was a stand alone game even at 10 dollars, it would be a flop easily.

Simon_Brezhnev3407d ago

so xbox fanboys since sales = quality i guess Wii play better then gears 2

vmanj3407d ago

The list should go like dis...

1. GTA 4:5.22 mil
2. Halo 3:5.18 mil
3. COD4: 4.63 mil
4. Gearz2:3.1 mil
5. i dun no wut can go here (trying to add a ps3 game but...)

p.s dis is in the US only btw

shine13963407d ago

where did you get them figures?