Race Pro - Better Than Gran Turismo, Better Than Forza

AutoGaming writes: "Let's face it, when we think of racing games and consoles, two or three games come to mind. For the Playstation, there is the Gran Turismo series, and for the Xbox, there are the Forza and Project Gotham Racing series. These titles have raised the bar in the console racing game arena year after year. Also, the developers have promoted them as being some of the best simulator racing games out there. However, are these claims really true?"

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UnSelf3619d ago

i didnt kno u can read

Fishy Fingers3619d ago

Only this one Jack...

"Ling also reiterated Simbin's ambition to put out the next Race Pro, or whatever their next big release will be called, on both PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3."

Guess the sequal wont appeal to you quite so much huh...

jack who3619d ago

lies i tell you lieszzzz

Chris3993619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )


Race Pro:


The person writing the article really shouldn't have set the bar so high.

"I HOPE they achieve and surpass a level of realism set by such and such...", would be a much more humble and sincere thing to say.

Again, as with most things in the gaming media, journalists hype them to holy Hell without so much as a demo play-through (if the guy who wrote the article spent some hands on with a demo, he never mentioned it, just a few references to a PC prequel). Then they write scathing reviews when their own grandiose expectations are shattered.


Speed-Racer3619d ago

Thats ur problem right there chris... you are only comparing this based on visuals... and that alone doesnt make a good race game

Fishy Fingers3619d ago

I think Chris' point is more to do with the fact the author hasnt played the game or even a demo yet has the audacity to use such a headline as "Better Than Gran Turismo, Better Than Forza".

Why dis3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Can't stand made up bullshit.

#1 and myself get dissagrees? for what!

Chris3993619d ago

No one has played the game, so the only thing that we can draw comparisons on are the graphics of each. And on that front, Race Pro isn't anything we haven't seen before, nor does it match up to the stock of the games that he/ she is measuring them against.

The author is basing his assumptions of the PC iteration of the franchise. Consoles are a whole different world. Mapping the controls properly to a 360 controller alone can make or break a game.

How does the game play? And where is the demo? That's what I want to know.


Microsoft Xbox 3603619d ago

Race Pro looks like a mediocre racer to me. It's hyped for no apparent reason.

Blademask3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I've been telling the 360's this entire time that Simbin makes amazing games, and they should be lucky to get one. Yeah, the graphics aren't that great, but the sim part should be good based on SImbins history. THey usually pump out the visuals as well as a good sim, but Race-Pro should be good.

They released that Porsche 6spd wheel w/clutch too with the gimp360 port, so you can use that now instead of the terrible wireless wheel. Its 400-$500 but you cant use a G25.

Simbin is also making an exclusive racer for the PS3. GT is still the best looking/performing console racer though.


ZootHornRollo3619d ago

how can you use the great game with out a wheel?

quit sad to have a game that might be a good sim being stuck to use sh!tty wheels

Why dis3619d ago

But as an sim it tops all other games claiming to be sims.

Blademask3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

But as usual... no one knows what the hell it is, and will blindly defend Forza's icedrifting till the end of days. It doesn't help that it looks worse than GT4. But it will be a great sim folks. Everyone that pretends "buh buh graphicks arnt evrthang" needs to stfu, buy this game. And enjoy.


GT Legends

GUNS N SWORDS3619d ago

grid's my game. your car can get smashed to fvcking bits in that game. i like that.

Sarcasm3619d ago

So lemme get this straight, people are up in arms and tired of hearing "Halo Killer"

But every damn racing game comes out is always aiming to be "Gran Turismo Killer"

Double standards much?

ShinMaster3619d ago

It's a realistic version of GRID! Congratulations.

silent h3ro3619d ago

Forza and Gran Turismo sh!t all over Race Pro. 'Nuff said.

antoinetm3619d ago

only one is : 1080p 60fps 'nuff said

PoSTedUP3619d ago

only one is: what the professionals use 'nuff said : )

jcfilth3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

"Race Pro - Better Than Gran Turismo, Better Than Forza"

I'll believe that statement if Tanner Foust or any other professional racers say so...

Oner3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

100% Agree @Ant, Post & JC ~

Or if/when Race "Pro" has physics & control like this


Real Life

AND with graphics like this

SL1M DADDY3618d ago

Sorry, but I would rather play Forza 2 or GT5: Prolog than something that looks like a PS2 or Xbox game.

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thebudgetgamer3619d ago

to like a game in a genre we have to burn all the others like it


Why dis3619d ago

As a Sim not an arcady racer.

This is console exclusive to the Xbox 360 WTF!

Nathan Drake3619d ago

Wait until GT5 is unveiled,can't wait to see you stealth edit this article :)

Sarcasm3619d ago

GT5 is probably my number one game above God of War III, Killzone 2, etc. etc.

If I cant get any other games this year, I will definitely get GT5. Then again, I will get the other games... lol but just sayin if I had one choice.

N4PS3G3619d ago

Race Pro is not a very good game according to the reviews

still..Forza is the better sim racer of the bunch..i think

TheIneffableBob3619d ago

Reviews? The game's not even out yet.

Also, the game is being developed by SimBin, creators of some of the most realistic racing games out there.