Killzone 2 Dutch Interview - With Subs

41 minutes of Killzone 2! In Dutch, but with English subs. Interviewed by

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UnSelf3410d ago

i tihnk ill pass, 38 days isnt as far to me as it used to be

Crazyglues3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

The best part to me was when he was explaining the power of the PS3's SPU's and how they use them for everything from graphics to CPU stuff...

And how they sold the company to become a first party developer... No wonder the game is so amazing, As a first party developer they got to work with and see stuff from a lot of great game companies like naughty dog.. and they got full backing from Sony - so they where able to show them how to really take advantage of the system.

Really nice interview... this is a must watch...

coolcole933410d ago

And possible improvements that they want to make for Killzone 3/any oyher game they release in the future. No spoilers (none that I noticed).

GVON3410d ago

yeah man you really see and understand how much it's in it got when they talk about.

Hydrolex3410d ago

Looks better than Crysis in my eyes. Crysis can be done on the PS3, it would be hard but IT CAN BE DONE

ThanatosDMC3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

From the interview:

"They're not over the top... super steroid, pumped up characters. It has to be credible and true."

"In America it's more shiny and macho."

I see what they did there!

BrianC62343410d ago

It's a good interview but I wish I could download the video and then watch it. for some reason it's moving like a slideshow right now. They should just put the text up for everyone to read. Maybe it will run smoother tomorrow.

BrianC62343410d ago

I finally figured out how to watch the video. Watch a couple minutes and pause. It will download more in the background. I tried to watch it nonstop and it was chugging bad.

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360degrees3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

Sony has adamantly proved this Gen Numerous times(and I do mean Numerous)...that hype and anticipation alone cant sell their Exclusives in any way, shape, or form. I almost get a Deja Vu feeling when I see KillZone 2's release approaching (i.e. LBP, Haze, Lair, MGS4, Uncharted, MotorStorm etc..), simply put Sony; you can have all the games in the world, but it serves no purpose if your console owners REFUSE to buy your Exclusive games and support you with Sales figures, and not just "Sony Praise"........I know the Truth Hurts, but that is my personal prospective on the matter

oliver3443410d ago

your post is obviously most valid and unbiased while having your avatar picture as logo of xbox...omg..gtfo...thats sad that people who only owns 360 are so desperate that only they can do is bashing ps3 games and sales of ps3...oh i pity u so whatever u want, tell whatever u want. i dont care, i am just gonna enjoy this great game playing hour and hours online while u can bash ps3 on forums...enjoy

Aclay3410d ago


What the hell does HAZE have to do with Killzone 2? HAZE was a horrible game, that's why it didn't sell. Lair wasn't exactly a horrible game to me because I have it, but it didn't get the best review scores in the world and that's why it didn't sell that well.

LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Motorstorm, and Metal Gear Solid 4 ARE ALL Million sellers and they will continue to keep selling. Since when did a PS3 exclusive have to sell a million copies in a week or sell over 5 million copies each just to be called a success?

It amuses me everytime one of you 360 fanatics come in a Killzone 2 thread thinking that Killzone 2 will not sell because you are sadly mistaken. There's been a couple of 360 gamers on this site that have already made the jump to Playstation 3 just because of Killzone 2, and more of them will follow. In addition to that, tons of PS3 gamers have been following Killzone 2 for YEARS (since E3 2005), and thinking that Killzone 2 won't sell well is just ridiculous.

It seems the only thing most 360 fans like you care about is "Sales Figures". I've supported many PS3 exclusives, and will continue to do so. You can keep talking sales figures if you want, but I'll be enjoying Killzone 2 come Feb. 27th as well as other PS3 exclusives I'm looking forward to this year. I don't give a damn about Sales Figures or how fast a game sells, all I care about is getting quality exclusives. There's no need to be bitter just because Microsoft hasn't announced many exclusives this year for the 360.

Graphics Whore3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I didn't know gamers were becoming pseudo stock brokers.

More people are caring about sales figures than good games. I play to relax myself from the inadequacies of day to day life or just to get away for a bit, I don't want to crunch numbers and figure out a marketing strategy on how Sony can approve sales from X title by X percent.

Until sales correlates directly into a quality or making of a game, I won't give a crap.

thebudgetgamer3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

you have to understand economics programing the inner working of console manufacturing. thats right to be a "real" gamer you have to scour every inch of games to find flaws in order to show people up on forums and what not. nope its not just about playing games anymore


cmrbe3410d ago

Before the xbox. When a game sells 1 million it was considered a smash hit.

When the xbox entered the market. The few good games they had sold alot while Sony had alot of games that sold very well and a couple that sold alot like GT, FF, GTA, MGS.

My point is. Don't come in here and say that recent PS3 games sales are a disaster because traditionally these are very good sales for PS games. Ever wonder why Sony are happy with sales of their PS3 exclusives sofar?. Perhaps you are young like the xbox brand and don't know this.

Sony != MS. Not in terms of quality Control, Not in terms of long term goals, Not in terms of what constitute as sales success, No in terms of advertising. Not in terms of resource allocation.

Don't expect Sony and PS fans to think like MS and their fans. We came before you guys.

PS fans have high standards and generally only buys quality.If it's ok for you guys to buy mediocrity to show your support for MS then so be it.

Graphics Whore3410d ago

You bring up an interesting point and I'm beginning to believe it's a pretty defined and thorough trend with strictly Xbox gamers.

joevfx3410d ago

yeah and all those games were amazing except for Lair and Haze. and Lair and Haze had nowhere near the hype of MGS4, LBP or KZ2. so i would take them off that list. i can care how many people buy a game as long as its a freakign good game for me. LBP , MGS4, and uncharted are the best 3 games i have played inan extremely long time. I ave a 360 and i would put gears 1 in there with them but not gears 2 .

ZombieNinjaPanda3410d ago

Cmbre, I totally forgot about Greatest hits! You made a very good point right there.

And today, any game that sells over 1million is considered a greatest hit and next year will be half price.

Soo..Uhh...Yeah that added nothign to the topic haha

Mr_Zkaar3410d ago

Sales have nothing to do with being a fantastic game.

LBP is a fantastic game, MGS4 is a fantastic game, Motorstorm is a fantastic and Killzone 2 will also be a fantastic game. We are not corporate monkeys that count sales, Killzone 2 can sell 2-3 million copies and be a great success and also be a profitable one.

Halo 3 sold 7-8 million copies but doesn't make it a fantastic game, rather than an average shooter in my opinion that you fools got sucked into and bought. Sony will always make a profit on their games and PS3 owners will enjoy them. I for one am totally stoked for Killzone 2 and I'm going to really enjoy it along with all my online buddies.

Sure you can have bragging wrights that KZ2 didn't sell as many as Halo3, but you xbox owners need to realise that sales don't make a game, we are gamers and what matter's is playing a fantastic game by yourself or with online mates and that my friend is where killzone 2 will win hands down on anything the Xbox can deliver on. I don't hear anybody saying Killzone 1.5 i hear people saying this game is the best looking and playable shooter this generation.

See you guys online! KILLZONED!!!

cmrbe3410d ago

Its a trend this gen due in large parts to MS and their immature supporters. All this talk about game sales in one day or console ratio tie in and game advertisement lol are really just stupid and i point my finger directly to x360 fans and MS for this.

Now PS fans want Sony to put on a KZ2 super bowl ad lol!. Sony never advertise their games like MS dose and they shouldn't. Sony is not falling into MS trap and i am glad they haven't. What i am trying to say is that PS fans shouldn't either. I would rather Sony spend another $20 million on making a new IP or resurrecting old ones than blow it on KZ2 advertisement or a super bowl ad. Why?. KZ2 will sell regardless perhaps not as much if advertise in the super bowl but i am sure it will be enough for Sony. Why should us gamers care anyways?. I mean. KZ2 is grantee to make alot of money for GG and Sony but why do we need it to sell more than say Halo 3?. So that we can just gloat and say crap to x360 gamers and just be like them?. Haha noway. I am not childish like them and PS fans should stay clear. Besides. If i want to gloat i would just point out the numerous and exciting up coming PS exclusives than bragging about how well a 1 year old game sold.

Sarcasm3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I think it's already proven that most x360 fanboys only care about sales sales sales. Everything is sales this sales that.

So when there is talk about Quality, the same old crap always spew out.

bu bu but Gears TWOOooOoOOoooooooooo...
bu bu but multiplatform gamesssssSsSs...
bu bu but metacriticcCCCCccc...

All of which does not hold a damn candle to the argument, that PS3 exclusive games in general (not all of them) are of higher quality and standards than that of 360 games. Uncharted, GT5P, MGS4, Uncharted 2, KZ2 and the list goes on.

And it boggles the mind that the same idiots will protect and defend faulty hardware, overpriced accessories, and yearly Fees that PC gamers, PS3 gamers, and even Wii gamers have free access to.

Then the whole

bu bu but XBL has thissss...


For $50 a year in 4 years is $200. $200 that could have went towards 3-4 games. $200 that could have went to pay for some college. $200 that could have went towards rent. $200 that could have went towards WHATEVER.


BrianC62343410d ago

Does not compute. Does not compute. RROD.

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C_SoL3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

There are spoilers in this vid.

/6, watch and learn.

C_SoL3410d ago

well at least for me....

Parapraxis3410d ago

Ditto, though nothing major.
A purist may not want to watch this now, but I highly reccommend watching it after playing KZ2.

coolcole933410d ago

Put it like this: if this game was a 360 exclusive, I would sell my ps3 and buy it.

joevfx3410d ago

we will see what how much that bundle in europe sells. i cant wait for this damn game. gotta beat deadspace and call of duty WOW before febuary

smurfie43410d ago

All the titles I own are ps3 exclusives (soon to change once RE5 releases), so I do my part. Most ps3 owners are more cautious with their money imo, and I will only buy a game if I'm convinced that it will be worth it. I already have killzone 2 pre-ordered and I can't wait to play it. So while you track killzone 2's sales I will be dumping rounds into the helghast with a disturbing, satisfied grin on my face.

CrippleH3410d ago

Thumbs up for that comment.

Thumbs down for sales fanboys.

Helghast Slayer3410d ago

I definitely agree with you there. I have 15 games in my ps3 library and 10 them are ps3 exclusives.

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