Rumour: Q1 PlayStation release list uncovered

Very much in the rumour mill, but something to keep an eye on. A site by the name of VideoGamesBlogger is reporting that a release listfrom Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux has come their way, and if real, it contains a fair few little surprises. The list shows the following entries:

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UnSelf3168d ago

isnt Socom already on the PSN?

Kushan3168d ago

A lot of things aren't on the EU PSN. F*cking disgrace, really.

sinncross3168d ago

Fat Princess PSP?


Though I wonder how well Singstar Queen will do. Abba seemed fairly popular here in South Africa.

TheDuke773168d ago

Ouch that is a lame line up for PS3, I hope thats not everything

Trollimite3168d ago

thats only the first Quarter games now until march

Kushan3168d ago

It's always slow at this time of year, the two big "bumps" are around easter (March/April/May) and September-December (for the Christmas rush).

SL1M DADDY3168d ago

All multiplats are still on their way to the PS3 as well. FEAR 2 and Killzone 2 are the two of my most wanted titles this quarter.

Nitrowolf23168d ago

PS2 Game? is this the 1st that they will add?

rst3168d ago

wouldnt it be cool if a game (like fat princess) be psp/psn? im pretty sure the psp can handle fat princess. Then psp users can play online with the ps3 users. would it even be possible? Unless theres already a game out there that does this? Just a thought

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