Kaz Hirai: We're the "official" industry leader writes: Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai has dismissed Microsoft and Nintendo as competitors because he sees PlayStation as the "official" industry leader.

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Nathan Drake3166d ago

It's an accurate statement from Sony,they simply can sell their casual products(The latest Singstar with over 500,000 sales worldwide)and their hardcore products(Resistance 2 with over 1.2 Million sales worldwide).

Nintendo of course,can sell their casual software like hot cakes,but their hardcore software(Disaster for example) did not put up satisfactory numbers.

The Lazy One3166d ago

You're in the movies: 350k
Lips: 670k
Scene it: Box office: 550k
Banjo Kazooie: 630k

of the casual games you mentioned, all of them broke the 500k mark you set.

CryofSilence3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

What about "You're in the Movies?" >.>

Also, your math, while it appears to be good, is actually flawed.

~20 million PS3s
~28 million Xbox 360s

Therefore, 500k of each is, respectively, 2.5% and 1.8% of the entire console base.

Facts are facts. Nothing to disagree about.

fishd3166d ago

Hirai is a true samurai,gotta love him

N4g_null3166d ago

Nintendo's hardcore games are actually listed in the top ten. I think brawl and mario kart was there.

These remarks are why you won't see a price drop. Keep on siding with Kaz. Every PS3 fan says hey it will sell like hot cakes with $100 off! Yet now it's ok for him to basically say yeah we have no competition, thus we should not lower prices.

Your celebrating his elitism LOL and saying yeah it's ok it cost this much. Seriously just say you don't care if the PS3 wins this gen. Truthfully it does not matter because the Neo geo was not even close to competing yet it was my fav system when it came to wow factor.

Seriously though... SONY has not spelled it out yet but they are graduating to the PC market with a closed system that no one has hacked yet. If SONY was smart they would take this tech to the PC market in order to provide a solution for it!

It's only a matter of time before the fans tire of this war. It always happens. Kaz is just playing the swaggar capt as the ship sinks. I wonder if he does the same during the internal meetings? If so that would be a fun job actually! Hell I would even dress like Conan the barbarian! Hey didn't they do that?

Product3166d ago

Scissor ....

nice to see you back on here its good to see people with actual opinions that make sense around here.Ill agree this is just talk for why they are nto selling liek they thought they would back at launch.People might want a pricecut but till the production cost come down i dont see this $100 price cut till atleast next year.

RememberThe3573166d ago

Did you actually read the article? Where in it does he say that the PS3 has no competition?

He says the Wii is not competition, but that was Nintendo's stance from the start.

He says that he doesn't know what word to call the 360. He says it doesn't have longevity, but he never says that it's not competition.

He seems to believe that he has the better system. Can you blame him? And how is that "elitist"?

N4g_null3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I'm sorry RememberThe357 I read the source at Gamasutra, that's where a few industry guys go for the real news. Please know I'm a PC gamers that has a Wii and love old school console games. I won't be getting an HD system unless I get really bored with building new HD ready PCs and playing Wii games. So far I'm perfectly fine. Yet as a gamer you should be afraid of SONY's dealings because it could cause many to fall. If SONY goes down many go down with it because money invested in it's games.

Here you go:

To not name your competition when you have said your are in competition in the past is elitism.Now all they can say is yeah they won't be around when they are still in front of you. Catching up doesn't count if you don't catch and past them. This is not some soccer moms every one wins logic that you guys seem to use. They are 3rd those are the facts. Being number one in a region doesn't matter out side of japan for a lot of these companies.

They have not won yet they claim victory by saying they are better or saying they are the official industry leader his words as they sit at the bottom looking up. To say the 360 has no longevity is pretty silly right now. It is very easy for MS to keep this box going for another 2 years which would be a long time. Also I don't see many new SONY games coming out for the PS2 any more either. Another funny thing is the xbox 360 is now making money on systems sold and they have bought the exclusives needed to keep the thing going. Last time I checked MS big games still sell pretty well. SONY has no halo or gears just to name a few.

I'm not an xbox fan but even I understand why MS dropped the old xbox. Intel had them by the balls and they did not have the support they needed last gen. Yeah it was cut short but you now have a console from a none player that is sitting in second place. While a industry leader ignores the competition and double talks you you try to spin it? You don't really understand that he is trying to tell you

-Yeah sony fans I've heard you say you want a price drop because it helped the xbox 360 yet that things is not even going to be here in a few years, So you know we will win by default.-

You see in japan people gave SONY hell so they got a price drop right away.... Yet the English speaking groups are just fine with spinning the SONY fall so every thing is all rosey.

Here is some reading for you......... a freebie

Report: Sony Restructuring Imminent Amid Management Tension


Another thing is IBM, Nvidia, AMDati are the tech leader ship right now. SONY takes lots of credit for these guys work, IBM, nvidia yet they would not know where to start if they had to make those chips them selves. Nintendo is the controller and expanded/arcade audience leaders right now along with the over all crown for the console war as of now.

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pixelsword3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Humble yourself, and you shall be exhalted.


A person who is putting on their armor should not boast like one taking theirs off.

While I do enjoy the PS3's technological advances (I go on home at least almost every other day now) keeping a humble attitude installs dignity to both the consumer and the vendor.

But I believe Kaz realizes that a major obstacle may have been overcome, so he may very well be "out of the battle", and therefore sees himself in the position to boast, so I won't come down on him too hard...

...after all, I full well know that I'll be handing Sony $60 when Killzone came out, and bulking up to over 30 games (on disc, mind you) that I play on my PS3.

He's so confident now, I'm almost willing to say some sizable announcement is near.

meepmoopmeep3166d ago

i agree,

keep it humble.

i know i'm the best but i don't boast about it


jwatt3166d ago

I honestly think they're just confident about thier game line up through out the year.

Sarcasm3166d ago

"I'm almost willing to say some sizable announcement is near. "

Price cut and Massive advertisements for Killzone 2 should be in order.

But above all, with all the smack talking Kaz has been doing lately. Sony's priority is


Aclay3166d ago

I agree about being humble, but Sony has been humble for a large part of this generation. Microsoft PR like Don Mattrick and Aaron Greenburg have ran their mouths immensely.

Sony usually isn't the company to boast for no reason at all. With these powerful fighting words coming from Kaz, I have a feeling there's plenty of stuff brewing up in the Playstation camp for 2009.

When running a race, it's not always the quickest that wins, but the one that endures until the end.

A quote that I've heard many times that I think applies really well to Sony's long term PS3 plan is this:

"The Race isn't given to the Swift, but to the one that endures to the end."

The Lazy One3166d ago

sony was rarely humble this generation. They've only seemed humble because they've had nothing to boast about since the public decided to give sony the finger for all its pre-launch boasting shortly after launch.

N4g_null3166d ago

This is not a race this is a war... the first one to crush the other side wins. There is no slow crushing or throwing the last punch if your knocked the F out. There is only a few rounds and the announcer is yelling and SONY's hurt! Swinging widly with jelly arms as nintendo bounces off the opposite rope to ready a running uppercut.

Just like the other systems that died we still loved them because they where the only systems to get some games. Maybe I'll get one, one day or just wait on the PS4 that will have B/C.

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-GametimeUK-3166d ago

Sony did lead the industry... Microsoft dethroned them hard this gen and Sony are left trailing... Sure the PS3 suits me more as a person but the 360 is clearly the better purchase for a wider range of customers

Gue13166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

X360 has a bigger install-base, wider library of games and it is cheaper... But that statement goes to the trash when you remember how often they break, the monthly fee to play online, all the add-ons it needs to be on par with PS3 and at the end it doesn't has blu-ray and and it will cost more. 2009 line-up of games looks better on the the PS3.

BTW that disagree you have doesn't comes from me...

Kratos193166d ago

Nintendo dethroned them, not Microsoft.

pixelsword3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

As a whole, The Asian territories tend to go Nintendo, then Sony, as well as Europe... a whole.

and even in the Americas, the Wii is leading.

IdleLeeSiuLung3166d ago

You are right, MS is just nibbling at the little marketshare Sony has left after Nintendo dethroned Sony. So far Sony is the big looser this generation. Going from hero to zero...

Hopefully KZ2 will mark the turning point.

304three3166d ago

can the 360 play blu-ray movies

JBaby3433166d ago

It would be nice. Playing movies AND games is twice the fun.

FF7numba13166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

lol ps2 is still on the shelves. I like how xbox and nintendo fanboys like to pretend ps3 is the only console sony has. Goes to show that your company really doesn't have much going for them besides the head start and causal machine. Anyways ps3 will be on the shelves longer than wii and 360.

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Xbox Street Gang3166d ago

Can't argue with him...

KZ2>>>>>> 360