Mercenaries 2 no longer PS3-exclusive

Electronic Arts and Pandemic Studios have confirmed that the previously-PS3 exclusive sequel Mercenaries 2: World in Flames will now also be coming to Xbox 360, PS2 and PC. An Xbox 360 version of the game has been heavily rumoured over the past year, but the PS2 and PC versions have come as a surprise.

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Brian3604314d ago

exclusive lost to the almighty 360

Arkham4314d ago

Nothing was "lost". This was never a PS3 exclusive.

Rocky Balboa4314d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

No it wasn't Arkham, but it was annonce like an exclusive for the past few months. Where were you when people were shouting "Exclusive" you shut your mouth, why you only speak up now ?

Arkham4314d ago

No, only people who have difficulty with their reading comprehension thought it was exclusive.

When someone says their product is only currently in development for one platform, they are not saying it's exclusive.

Fanboys need to think for themselves a bit more.

wolfgang4314d ago

I was just reading some comments on other mercenaries news. It's funny to see all those fanboy say stuff like "You'll never get this game, its a ps3 exclusive" and "this game suck(because its not on my console)" and now all these peoples will either stick to a low profile or act like they never sadi that :)

Joe4314d ago

This game was listed for PS3 ONLY. Every game magazine reported it this way. So, the game was an EXCLUSIVE! Get your facts straight.

Arkham4314d ago

There's often a difference between what a game site says and what a developer says.

See my last post re: reading skills. You can't jump to conclusions and the cry about losing an exclusive that was never exclusive to begin with.

Joe4314d ago

Arkham, do us a favor. Show me a site where it even mentions another console other than a PS3 that this game was supposed to be on before today's news!

The answer you'll find is NONE.

Basically, this game was being reported for PS3 only...

Am I to assume that every other game that is reported to be on PS3 and not other consoles to be only exclusives???

The answer is YES.

So, should I assume that MGS4 will be coming to XBOX360?

Should I assume Killzone 2 is coming to XBOX360?

Should I assume that Resistance: Fall of Man is going to be on the Wii?

Dude, unless otherwise noted, if the games are coming to one platform, it's going to be on that platform. PERIOD!

Arkham4313d ago

You just don't get get. Since the start all the devs said was that Merc2 was "currently only in development for the PS3". If you think that that somehow overtly states the game will never be released on another platform, then you do have problems interpreting comments to the press.

Your other examples are flimsy. It's barely conceivable that Sony would ever allow Killzone would to appear on the 360. The MGS series has in the past been multiplatform, and despite fanboy-slants on what Konami has stated ("MGS4 will only appear on the PS3"), they have not said "No further MGS games will ever appear on a non-PS3 console." That would be "Exclusive". Mythical titles like "MGS:Remix", "MSGX: Further Missions" etc etc... could easily appear for the 360 or PC without contradicting Konami's specific words-on-record.

You and a fanboys in general are just too eager to believe what you read without thinking. That's a bit naive if you ask me.

Joe4313d ago

I think you're missing the point. Before the news of going multi-platform, all gaming magazines and gaming sites were reporting Mercs 2 would be on PS3. It never mentions that it's coming to another platform.

Check out the link for EB Games:

All it says is this game is for PS3 platform.

To a consumer, that means you and me and everyone else, it's coming to the PS3 and not any other platform. Since the recent news of Mercs 2 is going multi-platform, I'm sure EB Games will update this site.

That is what I'm saying. You're asking everyone to read between the lines. DUDE! THAT'S ASSUMING!!!

"in development for PS3" does not mean it's not going to another platform.

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specialguest4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Only silly fanboys think this game would remain exclusive under EA's umbrella. Unless they had an exclusive contract agreement with Sony, there's no reason in hell for them to make this exclusive. There's money to be made here and EA is good at making money.

GaMr-4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Good point wolfgang. Not to mention. Once this game went into EA's clutches it was deffly going multiplat. People seen this coming a mile away. I had a horrible dream last night. That Final Fantasy 13, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm,Lair,Heavenly Sword,Gran Turismo 5 and God of War 3 were all being published by EA. That can only mean one thing. PS3 have a weak ported version of all those games and Xbox will get the Polished exclusive feeling. lol. Can you imagine if that was reality. But I can honestly say. The more games EA publishes the more "F*cked the PS3 will end up being.

EA= egotistical A$$holes

Their Slogan: Challenge Everything ...wrong It should be "Port Everything"

( I dont want to hear crap about EA till they bring on the "next gen" timesplittes. Man I love timesplitters.

Daver4314d ago

That is so true .... EA suck they only want to make more and more money

techie4314d ago

My hopes for it being a good game has now lowered even more since it's on the ps2. If it's ale to run on that, even if the graphics won't be as good, means it really isn't a next-gen game. Lame.