The 50 Greatest Female Characters in Video Game History

There have been plenty of memorable female video game characters throughout the history of gaming. With Valentine's Day in mind, it's time to pay tribute to the greatest heroines, damsels in distress and femmes fatales in video and PC game history.

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wolfgang3945d ago

Well if someone approved the "Who is [email protected]" article, I don't see why we shouldn't approve this one :) (something for everyone).

GaMr-3945d ago

Post an article about 50 video game chicks No one gives a crap !!!

Post an article about 5 Gay Video Game dudes and people are all over it !


wolfgang3945d ago

I think lots of people went and read the [email protected] article because they were afraid they might be playing with an homosexual wich automaticaly make them [email protected]

Everybody loves hot chicks.

Next time try to scare them with a headline like "50 hot chicks that you must be [email protected] if you don't comment on".

Btw no offence meant to [email protected] people here.

specialguest3945d ago

I'm at work and this link along with most video game sites are restricted. For some odd reason though, managed to bypass the my work places internet website restrictions.

grifter0243945d ago

Cool I still think the best would be Princess Peach ... Noone can beat her whats weird though... Is she gets captured time and time again but in Super Smash Bros she can whoop some butt its crazy .1 would think she would just take out her umbrella and just bash the bad guy . Ohh well.All the other girls on the list are just eye candy . But out of all of them I think Cammy is the finnest looking game girl in the game .. She can whoop your butt and still look good doing it.

r10003945d ago

Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater was pretty bad ass.... one of the best endings in game in my opinion....