Xbox 360 IPTV to be demonstrated next month

Microsoft will showcase the Xbox 360's IPTV service for the first time in Europe at The Connected Home Show at London's Olympia next month.

Ed Graczyk, Worldwide Director of Marketing and Communications for Microsoft TV will demonstrate the service during his keynote at the conference, specifically showcasing what happens when "next-generation television is combined with next-generation gaming in a unique, new service delivered by your broadband provider".

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TheMART4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Nice! Anyone got the details for The Netherlands yet... France, Germany both have their MS IPTV providers. Hope details will follow soon and pricing etc.!

@ Jones Miller (below)

I think it's country specific. They have different providers for France, Germany etc.

BTW where from Scandanavia are you? Have been in Sweden for some time

Jones Miller4310d ago

Does any of you guys know what the situation is in Scandinavia? Will IPTV be country specific or can anyone watch german, french, english channels etc. regardless of country? I know for a fact that Scandinavia will never see IPTV because service providers are reluctant to co-operate with Microsoft (godd*mn useless narrow-minded service providers).

power of Green 4310d ago

How does it work Does MS and friends service's partner up with your local cable company and from there gives you the option to choose from two differnt kinds of cable services one being; lets say Comcast and the other IPTV? but ofcourse still useing Comcasts resourses and base.( Is it one or the other is what i'm trying to say, so the Broad Band and functions are fully being used in a top of the line way).

grifter0244310d ago

Wait you gotta understand First and foremost you have to check your cable provider or internet provider and ask if they support Optical internet connection. This is the only way it will be available... So you should ask if it is available in your area. Their is a Verizon deal it's called Fios but its only in the states so I dont know about other countries.It will be cool playing your fav game .. get bored save the game then just switch to some high def tv pretty nice. But then will 360 utilize the hdmi cable? Or will they be able to put out high def on component? We will have to wait and see