Crackdown gets 9.0 by OXM UK

For outrageousness and pure entertainment value, Crackdown is the most fun sandbox game to date.

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Steve5194317d ago

a 9 is over rated. Ya this game is a lot of fun it you can only do so much jumping, shooting and climbing before the game wears out its welcome.

Underlined4317d ago

co-op, if you haven't tried the game in co-op, you haven't tried the game at its best. And there's also so much you can do with GTA, in fact there's less to do in GTA.

Peter Moore says4317d ago

I know how all u fanatics like 2 know everything so here's the lowdown from me Peter Moore, the game sucks balls, sorry it's another title that will be forgotten about in a month, wait for GTA IV or MGS 4 they games will be awesome, darn, sh1t we don't have MGS 4 and never will due to the need for BLU-Ray, oops did i say that out loud.

gogators4316d ago

I am at hour number 20 probably and it still isn't boring. Some of the races and acrobatic runs are pretty tough, particularly when in co-op. It's been worth every penny so far. I'd give it around an 8-8.5