IGN AU: Skate 2 360 Review

IGN: "Skate 2 is not the sequel we wanted. It's still an excellent game in many respects, but as far as we're concerned Black Box has focused on the wrong areas for this sequel, which, given how close the team got to delivering exactly what skaters wanted with the first one (read the review here), is a big blow.

In a nutshell, instead of continuing to push the original's greatest strengths further – realism, freedom and technical skating, the team has instead decided to add gimmicks over realism, to structure the game with all sorts of constraints, and to expand the non-technical aspects of the gameplay."

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Jamegohanssj53621d ago

HA HA HA HA HA! I knew it was going to be crap. I can't wait for the next Tony Hawk to get a 9.1. I predicted a 4.5 though : v (.


Blademask3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Oh EA had it "MADDEN'ED" it? tee-hee..

But honestly, who cares what IGN AU says? Did you try the demo? did you like it? Buy it.These reviewers are getting way too pretentious in the entertain-me-clown type of way. Every sequel doesn't have to change the world around it. People are too damn demanding. If I can play a timed demo for Days, Blackbox has done their job.

I'm sure most everyone that has actually played it, still enjoys it.

Doppy3620d ago

How did it get a 7.9 out of 10 when every category scored an 8 or more. Shouldn't the score be no less than an 8?

gamesmaster3620d ago

agreed, if you play it and like it, who gives a rats ass what some journalist thinks

i loved the demo, roughly 7 mins of gameplay has got me hooked, gtting off your board makes a huge differance aswell.

if i can pick this up off the net at a good price, i'll get it for sure.

SAiOSiN3621d ago

wow the first one got like a 9 or somethin. whatever. tony hawk will probably do worse.

Jamegohanssj53621d ago

Nah bra, they're building Hawk upon realism not some gimmick. We have a new developer to, so I can believe it will be better.


SAiOSiN3620d ago

skate 2 obviously didn't have an impact like skate did. much like like the transition from gears to gears 2. tony hawk is dead in my eyes after the last couple of games. activision will have to pull off something amazing in order to bring me back.

hatchimatchi3621d ago

tony hawk is dead, neversoft isn't even making the series anymore.

The demo for skate2 is fun, so i don't see why the whole game wouldn't be. The reviewer's points are pretty stale too. The complaints about the city capping ledges and rails, thats what big cities do. The fact that the camera man says dude alot. Turn the volume down. The tricks feel great and the tail slides and nose slides feel way smoother than in the first so im happy with that. The character does control a little clunky while walking but i plan on skateboarding throughout the game not running around the whole time.

Bnet3433620d ago

Compared to the first one, Skate 2 sucks balls.

Skater3621d ago

This is the IGN AU review, NOT IGN US

Milky3621d ago

Please Tony, resurrect and make skating games good again.

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The story is too old to be commented.