SKATE 2 PS3 Frame Rate Bails

Gameplayer has now gone live with their review of SKATE 2 and have revealed a major discrepancy in the frame-rates between the PS3 version and the Xbox 360.

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Fishy Fingers3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Strange, demos didnt show this problem up. At least not to me. If this is accurate hopefully the devs address the problem.

slapsta723621d ago

what the hell, the ps3 was the lead platform specifically to address the complaints about performance difference in the first skate.

bloomin' hell, i was definitely keen on playing skate 2 on my ps3 but poor frame rate is such a pet peeve of mine... :(

ps. if its true its out really soon so might not be fixable

InMyOpinion3621d ago

Probably has to do with the PS3's hardware being superior. Luckily, I will be playing the superior version on the 'inferior' 360.

Karum3621d ago

You really don't like those bubbles do you Jenzo.

I wouldn't blame the PS3 hardware, to even imply it (sarcastically or not) is silly.

TheExecutive3621d ago

Its the game engine you dousche It has nothing to do with the hardware. Why even slap that fanboy sh*t on EVERYTHING?

prunchess3621d ago

How many sloppy glitchy games can EA put out and still people will buy them? The day EA can put something out at the same level of KZ2, I'll start to THINK about purchasing their games again.

na2ru13621d ago

this is not apparent with the PSN DEMO. It runs a lot more smoother than COD4.

60fps or slightly less is still a treat far beyond 30fps.

InMyOpinion3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Yes! It must be the engine!

Since the PS3 was used as the lead platform during development that explains everything!

Here is the equation to explain it further:

Superior PS3 hardware + lead platform = inferior version
Inferior 360 hardware + not lead platform = superior version

@Karum - "I wouldn't blame the PS3 hardware, to even imply it (sarcastically or not) is silly"
And not being able to relax for just one second to enjoy a joke is pathetic =)

pumpkinpunker3620d ago

Glad I'll be buying the 360 version.

Doppy3620d ago

Unacceptable at this day and age.

Consoldtobots3620d ago

if this is true at all (you can never tell with so many fanboys online nowadays) then it must be inefficiencies in the rendering pipeline. If one even exists that is, cause if they are still running code solely on the PPU and RSX then this game was a huge waste of time. Someone who says the PS3 is a less developer friendly platform would not be lying, however the PS3 is not a platform for mediocre developers.

acedoh3620d ago

because IGN which is a much more reputable review site did not address this issue on the PS3... Actually both the 360 and PS3 got the same score. Anyone who actually played the PS3 demo also would have not noticed any frame rate hitches. So if some site is going to write this up they need to prove it. Otherwise I think all the sites that have reviewed this game saying there are no differences in the 360 and PS3 version are correct.

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SlappingOysters3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Had terrible frame-rate issues for the PS3 version which was by the same developer.

If you click through the review they have more on it. Apparently Black Box have claimed to have fixed it, but the site says this is not unusual and that they can only go off the review code given to them.

I am not sure when the game goes on sale, but we'll all know for sure shortly.

read disc error3620d ago

they don't gimp on their games to make them run smoothly on teh cell

DarkSniper3621d ago

Dark Sniper can boldly state that these rumors are false. Skate 2 runs at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second. All of which is possible because it's developed on PLAYSTATION®3. With it's critically and commercially acclaimed features and under the hood superiority, it's clear that Skate 2 will not have it's definitive version on PS3 but will also sell more copies.

As EA has proclaimed earlier, PLAYSTATION®3 is their cash crop for sales. Xbox 360 is a mere afterthought when it comes to develop multiplatform titles. The only reason why games are even being developed for Xbox 360 is the same reason why games are developed for PS2 and Wii, to rake in any extra cash for those willing to buy for the platform. If you want the true next generation version of Skate 2, you will need to play b3yond and buy yourself a PLAYSTATION®3.


yz2503621d ago

i'll just play the better version as usual on 360. ps3- left b3hind!!

Deadman643621d ago

Well looks like the PS3 being the lead platform really made a difference huh sniper??

-GametimeUK-3621d ago

Noticed it in the demo... Im getting this on 360 :-)
great game on both consoles... PS3's controller has more swing space for the 360 flips etc though which is neat

Mindboggle3621d ago

Have you even got a PS3 ?

dustgavin3621d ago

There were no problems in the demo. Not sure what the op was playing...

Martini3621d ago

You are right - there is no problem - until you put both versions side by side and that's when you notice how much smoother the 360 version is.

Alvadr3620d ago

I noticed that there was slow down on the PS3 version, only played for about 1 min. havent played the 360 version.. Not buying it anyway, not my type of game.

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ShinnokDrako3621d ago

Didn't find those problems with the demo, so dunno. But nothing new, from EA it's been like this for almost al their games, so no surprises (just 2 days ago i was saying "great, EA redeemed itself" after trying the demo)