Mass Effect is "Jack Bauer in space"

BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka has likened upcoming RPG stunner Mass Effect to 24, referring to it as "Jack Bauer in Space."

"You have complex moral choices to make," he says. "You're out to save the galaxy. You're going to have to do things that don't seem like they're good to do that."

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SuperSaiyan44315d ago

Absolutly INSANE!!

I dont want more pics
I dont want more vids
I dont want more interviews

I want a solid release date and I want the bloomin game like yesterday!!

HokieFan4315d ago

AMEN! :) I can't wait!! The little teaser pics and videos are starting to drive me nuts!!

That being said, I would much rather wait longer for a well developed game than have them rush out a POS.

Mishmash194315d ago

Jack Bauer is the man. He bites people in the jugular and never sleeps.